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How to Drop A Pin On Google Maps? 2024– Step-by-Step Guide For Your Google Maps Doubts

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Let’s learn about How to Drop A Pin On Google Maps?

Life has become extremely easy with the introduction of new technologies. One such technological marvel is Google Maps. In case you are stuck somewhere and you are not sure about how to reach your destination, you have Google Maps to help you.

There are a lot of people who have Google Maps installed on their systems and phones but do not know how to use them. There are a lot of them who do not know how to drop a pin on Google Maps.

This is an important functionality that one needs to know to get the directions to the desired destination. One needs to learn the features of Google Maps marker.

It is very user-friendly; you can do so many things with it like create a map with pins, drop pin Google Maps, and many more things with the Google Map Editor.

All of those who run a business and have a website are eager to get into the top ten search results on Google. Well, there is another way to reach on top, and it is by using Google Maps.

In case you are in the yellow pages directory, the presence over Google Maps will give an upper edge.

It is very profitable not only for the people who have a website to have a listing on Google Maps but also for those business people who do not have a website as well.

One can create a new listing by just logging in with your Google credentials and registering yourself as a business owner. In case you have not listed your company, then you can log in and create a new listing.

Enter the company’s Information. It is great to include the company logo as you will be given more preference over the other listings. If you can get a few positive reviews from people, then it will help in a big way in the long run.

Moreover, you can ask your customers to write some testimonials about your company. Just request them to write on your Google Maps so that it can be posted in different places too.

Google Maps generally provides three types of views. One is a normal map view, and then there is a satellite image view and finally a terrain view.

Advantages of Google Maps

google maps

Here are some benefits of Google Maps.

Easy to Use – The site is so easy to use that even a newbie will be able to use it without any difficulty.

Many Destinations – One more advantage is that if a user needs directions that have numerous stops, Google Maps will easily be able to add a new destination to the route just with a click of the mouse.

Choose the Type of Travel – The user can easily choose the type of travel for getting the directions. The user can choose one of these options for the type of travel like traveling by public transportation, traveling by car, or walking.

More Useful Information – With the help of Google Maps, one can find some additional information such as live traffic, images of the area, and also the weather forecasts.

Creating Customized Maps – One can easily create customized maps for any location just by adding lines and shapes to them. This can be saved onto the Google account you have.

You can take a printout of the map at any point in time. This is an awesome way to utilize Google Maps for planning a holiday or when you are planning to visit a new town.

How to Drop a Pin on Google Maps across various Devices?

Dropping a pin is supported in both browser-based and mobile versions of Google Maps. Let us now learn how to drop a pin in Google Maps.

pin - How to Drop A Pin On Google Maps?

Google Maps for Desktop

  • Open the browser and go to Google Maps.
  • Now provide a search term to bring down the map to the general location where you want to drop a pin.


  • Now, drag the map to see the different locations on it. The zoom in and zoom out feature can also be used.
  • Right, click on the specific spot on the map where you wish to drop a pin and then select the option Direction based on your plan of travel. You will see a green pin on the map indicating the location where you had dropped the pin. Now, click on the green marker to look out for the locations near that spot; if not, you can also save the location to your Maps account.


Google Maps for Smartphone

  • Tap on the ‘Google Maps’ app on your iPhone or Android home screen (depending on the phone you use).
  • Now put in the search term for narrowing the map to a general location where you want to drop the pin.
  • Now, swipe the screen to see the different locations on the map. The zoom in and zoom out feature can also be used.
  • Now you can tap and hold a location on the map to drop a pin on it. Tap on the pin for finding directions from or to that location.

Google Maps for smartphones provide detailed mapping information via a phone’s internet connection.

All the Android platforms have full access to all the Google Maps’ features as both are developed by Google.

Google Maps, which is also iPhone’s default mapping program, also gives you a lot of useful features; however, the iPhone does not have access to the complete set of Google Maps’ features that the Android phones enjoy.

These days, if you purchase a smartphone, you get loads of pre-installed apps. There are so many useful apps that can be used daily.

Google Maps is one such app that can be your best friend when you need to find directions to a destination.

Thousands of people use this app on an everyday basis to travel across cities. All you need is a data connection on your phone, and you are all set to go. Now you know how to drop a pin on Google Maps, so go ahead and try it yourself.

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