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Top 5 Apps To Transform Your iPhone/iPod Touch 2024

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VSCO Cam provides you with some really great features as compared to the native camera app, It’s an all-in-one package for everything that you want to do with your photos, it also provides you with a highly improved and attractive way to view your photos also.

So go ahead and download this awesome app for free. I have given the link to the iTunes store to make it easy for you to enjoy this app. Download this App HERE


2. Replace your native Gallery by Flickr App

So it’s time to justify the second reason I gave for the transformation. Well just go ahead and replace your native gallery with the amazing Flickr App, well not only it changes your gallery and provides you with a more systematic view, but it also provides you with plenty of free space.

Actually around a terabyte to store all your stuff, so isn’t that an amazing transformation and guess what the app is completely free. Go ahead and download it from the link below. Download the App from HERE

flickr app

3. Replace your Native note-taking app with Evernote

Bored of using the old same app which is almost capable of nothing except typing some lines? Well just download this awesome and one of the best note-taking apps named Evernote, it will just transform your old ways of taking notes.

It does include some great features like voice memo recording and taking pics instead of writing the stuff down. The app does also back up your data really efficiently. So go on.. and download this too. Download this app from HERE


4. Replace your native alarm clock with the App Alarm Clock HD

The most common thing that everyone does with his/her smartphone is setting up an alarm, and I am sure you wouldn’t have seen any creativity in an alarm app because it’s just meant to wake you up that’s it.

But I am sure after using this app you gonna realise that there actually can be a good amount of creativity and fun in walking up a person :P.

This app has a beautiful interface and the best feature is that it syncs up all the feeds from your Facebook and Twitter accounts so that you can easily browse through them when you wake up. So below is the link to this theme. Download this theme from HERE

Alarm Clock HD

5. Replace the native music app with Ecoute

Listening to the songs through the same UI may get boring on your devices, well here I have an escape for your to download this app and you will be delighted by the awesome layout of the app, the app shows you the main covers of the album with list drop-down options.

The app also includes some awesome features like quick access to the lyrics and in-app Facebook integration to fulfil all your sharing needs. So have a blast with this app, however, the songs gonna hear the same :P. Download this app from HERE

Conclusion:- Top 5 Apps To Transform Your iPhone/iPod Touch

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