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Judy Blume Masterclass Review 2024: Is It Worth Buying?

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Judy Blume MasterClass


Discover the magic of storytelling in Judy Blume's MasterClass. You get a 30-day money-back guarantee, easy-to-follow video lessons, assistance from a teaching helper, and lots of content to learn from. Dive into the world of creating captivating stories with this accessible and enjoyable learning experience.

Out of 10


  • Fabulous production enhances learning experience.
  • Master storytelling from a legend.
  • Learn to create compelling characters.
  • Expert guidance for aspiring writers.
  • Interactive lessons foster creative development.


  • Views on writing are Unconventional
  • Writing beginnings is given Little focus


Price: $ 180

Explore the world of writing for younger readers with Judy Blume, the well-known American Young Adult author famous for books like “Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret” and “Tales of a Fourth-Grade Nothing.

I was curious about what she could teach, given her status as a beloved author. If you’re here, you probably want to know if this course is right for you.

In this Judy Blume MasterClass review, I’ll share my honest thoughts and what you can learn. The class is about 3 hours long, and Judy covers a lot of stuff. So, get ready for a detailed review where we explore the lessons she has to offer.

Judy Blume Masterclass Review

Bottom Line Upfront:

Judy Blume’s MasterClass is a literary gem for writers seeking inspiration and guidance. Renowned for her timeless works like ‘Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret‘ and ‘Superfudge,’ Blume brings her decades of storytelling expertise to this class.

Whether you’re a seasoned writer or a novice facing creative blocks, Blume’s MasterClass is a valuable resource.

With a focus on character development and storytelling, she imparts practical techniques to overcome hurdles and breathe life into your narratives.

Judy Blume MasterClass

The class provides a unique opportunity to tap into the mind of a literary icon, making it a must-try for those aiming to elevate their writing skills.

Enroll now in Judy Blume’s MasterClass to benefit from her unparalleled insights and embark on a transformative journey to unleash your creative potential.

Try out Judy Blume MasterClass today to enhance your writing skills.

About Judy Blume

Judy Blume is a renowned Young Adult author celebrated for her impactful contributions to literature. Widely recognized for her New York Times best sellers, including popular works like “Blubber” and “Here’s to You, Rachel Robinson,” Blume has left an indelible mark on the literary world.

One of her most notable novels, “Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret,” earned a coveted spot on Time Magazine’s “All-Times 100 Novels List.

In 2004, she received the prestigious National Book Foundation Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters, underscoring her lasting influence on American literature.

Additionally, Blume was honored with the E. B. White Award in 2017 and the Carl Sandburg Literary Award in 2018, further solidifying her place as a literary luminary.

For those eager to delve into the wisdom of this accomplished author, watching the Judy Blume MasterClass trailer is highly recommended.

What Is Masterclass?

MasterClass, launched in 2015, is an online education platform known for its video lessons taught by famous experts in fields like cooking, fashion, and music.

Unlike other educational websites, it features celebrities like Anna Wintour and Gordon Ramsay as instructors. While it has gained popularity, it may not be suitable for everyone.

In this review, we’ll look at both the pros and cons. MasterClass offers courses on various topics, allowing you to learn from the best in each field.

The courses are accurate and exciting, covering diverse subjects. The cost is around $90 for a single course with lifetime access or $180 for an all-access pass for a year, providing a chance to learn from multiple courses. Use a Masterclass Coupon Code to make the most of this opportunity.

Judy Blume Masterclass Review 2024

About Judy Blume MasterClass

“Don’t give up and don’t listen to everyone in life because no one knows what you are capable of.” A beautiful line that Judy says creates a huge impact on your mind.

Judy Blume is an award-winning author who writes amazing books for children, young adults, and adults.

The most famous book she has written is Are You There God?

Judy Blume Masterclass Review

It’s Me Margaret, Smart Women, and many more. She has been awarded ninety literary awards, so I’m sure it’s safe to say that definitely, she’s definitely one of the best writers to gain knowledge.

She starts the masterclass by reading a beautiful letter from a 13-year-old who expresses his/her feelings towards Judy.

This letter really puts you into emotions. Those few lines are super intensive and mark a lot about Judy.

Judy Blume Masterclass Review -star rating

She is very practical and says nobody could teach me to write similarly I cannot teach you to write, all that she has to say is her life experiences that will lead you to a lot of knowledge, skills, strategies, and a lot more.

About This Writing Masterclass?

So, this is an amazing course by one of the most famous award-winning authors.

This masterclass consists of 24 lessons that are about 5-25 minutes.

Judy covers how to craft a plot, how to look for ideas, the process of writing, how to create characters, and a lot more.

This masterclass comes with a workbook in which you have certain assignments to complete and share given forums to gain reviews from peers. She has various case studies that you can refer to.

Judy Blume Masterclass Course

Judy Blume Masterclass Review- lesson plan

Module 1- How To Find Ideas

This module is divided into 3 videos. In the first video, she teaches how one little thought or moment can motivate you to write an entire book.

Judy believes the most powerful stories come from within, yet writers need to be highly attentive to the world around them.

I couldn’t stop laughing during this particular moment when she explained the use of antennae in the life of the writers.

It is amazing how she expresses her experiences and life learnings. She shares her process for identifying and developing strong ideas.

In the second video, she shares her experience and story behind writing one of the famous books named Tiger Eyes.

She says it was based on the loss of her father and how this incident led to writing an entire book. She teaches you how to find the best ways to write an entire book.

Judy Blume Masterclass Review -teaches

She says she was in a shower where an entire idea and an entire book were formed in her mind and how she implemented her thoughts.

She discusses the highly personal calculation every writer will make about whether to raid their own lives for material.

Judy is just amazing!

The last video of this module is where Judy shares some of the most beautiful incidents of her life.

Not everyone has the confidence to share the information she says out loud.

She shares the inspiration behind some of the most iconic characters which are Margaret, Fudge, and Blubber.

She has some superb stories linked behind these characters and it’s all from her life, trust me she can say out loud the stud you wouldn’t even whisper to yourself!

Module 2- Writing For Young Readers

Hey, do you like to write for young readers? Are you fond of writing for children? Do you often go back into a time machine and travel to your childhood?

In the first part, she teaches how to write to resonate with young readers. Judy Blume teaches how to go back to your childhood version and how you can relate to younger readers.

In this module, she takes you back to your entire childhood starting from school, and takes you through your entire journey.

Wow! I felt super joyful doing this and I developed so many ideas through this activity.

She states her opinions about controversial content and how she makes use of such content.

Judy Blume Masterclass Review -writer

How do you learn to write? An awesome answer Judy puts down in this part is Writing for Younger Readers.

“In the second part, she teaches you how not to write as an adult,” Judy says you definitely know that you are an adult but you really don’t have to announce that because she teaches how to give credits to young kids as they do understand a lot and if you act as an adult, they won’t be able to connect with you.

The last part is about controversy and censorship.

Here Judy speaks about her experience when she published Margaret one of her most famous books, and the critics and comments she received during that time were just awful.

But she teaches you how to get through everything every critic every comment and still remain true to yourself and your stories.

She tells about the hurt that came with these books where all people blamed her for harming children, whereas she was only trying to do good things.

She shares how she recovered from this hurt and became super successful.

Module 3: Charecter, Dialouge, And  Plot

In this module, Judy teaches how to create lively characters that endure.

SNIPPET 6: In the first part she teaches how to create memorable characters and she teaches how one should spend time with your character.

She says that compelling characters drive the story forward and keep the readers interested and curious about the next page.

But Judy says to accomplish all of this the author must know the character so well that they should sound like real people to everyone.

She also reads a letter loud where a kid expresses her feelings when she reads Judy’s book named Margaret and the kid feels that she really knows this character Margaret in her real life.

This is the power of her books and that is what she teaches in this module.

The next part is where she teaches how to write dialogues.

Judy says the dialogue writing hasn’t changed in over years; it has been the same from the start.

She says realistic dialogue elevates and sharpens your characters. Judy shares her love of writing dialogue and her ideas for troubleshooting if you don’t love it as much as she does, which teaches you a lot about dialogue.

She teaches how to capture a realistic voice, how to choose simpler words, how to be wary of slang, and how to choose what sounds right with the character and what to avoid.

Judy also shares a funny story but an embarrassing incident of her life.

In the second part of Dialogue writing, Judy shares a case study where she shows the power of characters and dialogues together.

She shares a case study from one of her very famous books Tiger Eyes.

This is a super emotional part where she expresses all her emotions through this case study.

Judy Blume Masterclass Review- online classes

The last part of this module is where Judy Blume teaches how to create a plot structure where she shares how the word plot just freaks her out. But then she tells how she overcomes this anxiety and nervousness.

Judy says don’t be intimidated by the thought of writing an entire book.

She helps by tackling a book scene by scene, beginning with how to find the starting point for your book.

So, this module makes entire writing a simpler task and definitely a fun, loving activity.

Module 4: Writing Revising And  Publishing

In this module, Judy shares her entire journey from her first draft to revisions to rejections and finally towards publication.

The first part is Judy’s writing process, in this part, she tells how she leans on her notebooks for initial drafts.

She teaches how to let all the mess come out of your mind and later look for potential problems.

She also gives tips for the moments when you feel lost and blocked, and for the times you go out of ideas. You also learn how to make all of this a successful job in your life.

This is the best part of this course. Trust me guys she has beautiful teaching the entire writing process.


In the next part of this module, she shares one of the best case studies you will ever listen to from anyone.

This case study is about, I think I will let you stay curious about this because I was stuck hearing this and I had goosebumps, I definitely won’t be able to tell you the way she does, so I won’t spoil the fun.

Hence, I would want you to go get to the course and listen to this beautiful case study. So, after the case study, Judy teaches you how to get ready to submit your writing.

She shares what she does before submitting a manuscript. She also shares an important piece of information, which tells you how important an agent is for your writing.

Once you have gained tips on how to get ready with your writing Judy Blume briefs about her journey with editors.

She gives strategies on how to work well with editors, and how you maintain some of the best relations because she definitely had the best ones.

Does Rejection give you anxiety? Are you scared of being rejected? EVERYONE IS! What is important is how you get through it.

Rejection is a fact of life if you want to be a writer says, Judy. In this section, Judy walks you through the rejection she faces and how she uses the same to fuel her determination.


Trust me I was super scared of critics and negative comments but after seeing this video I’ve recovered a lot from that phobia! Trust me I’m super grateful to Judy for this recovery.

The last part of this module is a marketplace which is equally important as finding your story says, Judy!

Writers should understand the power that titles can have on perception and sales.

Judy shares lessons from the trenches, as well as her view on the importance of keeping a clear sense of your own identity within an ever-changing market.

Module 5: Imagination Leads to To Longevity

This is the last module of a beautiful journey. It is all about Judy’s childhood and career life.

She shares how she was an anxious kid and how she developed creativity out of her feelings. You should definitely hear her talk about the early beginnings of her rich imagination.

This is the last lesson where Judy describes her career. She starts by sharing why and how she started writing and what were the reasons behind it.

She shares how her desire to feel normal led her to create enduring emotional connections with readers who wanted to feel the same way.

She has had all ups and downs but transferred her life into a beautiful journey even after facing numerous problems. She is a fantastic lady and an awesome human being!

Judy Blume Masterclass Review- Team

Judy concludes her Masterclass by fostering the most powerful force in your writing life: your own imagination.

She ends with a beautiful line “No one can have too much imagination—let alone a writer.”

So this was all about the insights of the videos now let’s see what I loved about this course and my final verdict on this course.

Judy Blume Masterclass Pricing | How Much Does Judy Blume Cost?

MasterClass provides two options for purchasing their courses:

Single Course Option:

  • Costing $90, the single-course option grants you unlimited access to a course of your choice, along with its accompanying PDF resource.
  • At this price, you’re investing less than $30 per hour of instruction from esteemed instructors like Judy Blume. This represents a reasonable and competitive rate compared to both in-person and online writing courses.

Judy Blume Masterclass Review-Pricing

All-Access Pass:

  • Priced at $180, the all-access pass opens the door to unlimited courses throughout your yearly subscription.
  • With this pass, you can explore courses across various subjects, mixing and matching based on your interests. Additionally, you have the freedom to revisit any course as many times as you wish.

Additional Options:

MasterClass offers a 30-day refund policy and provides a convenient gift option for those looking to share the learning experience with others.

Judy Blume Masterclass Pros & Cons


  • Let’s start with the instructor. Judy is an amazing instructor; she is honest and very positive. She is a great storyteller and the way she explains the entire journey is so lovely.
  • Next, you get a workbook that is very valuable and a great source for learning.
  • She explains using case studies which are just admirable. The stories that she uses to express her journey are awesome.
  • She has the best explanation for the writing process.
  • Lastly, She’s the best author for young writers. In this course, she has an entire chapter where she teaches how to write for young readers.


  • Writing beginnings is given Little focus
  • Views on writing are Unconventional

Judy Blume Masterclass Customer Review

Judy Blume Masterclass Review- testimonials

I took the Judy Blume class on Masterclass- she is lovely! I adored her books when I was young. You should check it out if you haven’t already.  -Jill Witty

Judy Blume did a MasterClass. I loved it. Read some of her adult books, but the big news is: Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret is in Production to be a film. Not sure how I feel.  -Maria L. Berg

Judy Blume Masterclass Popular News


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FAQs | Judy Blume Masterclass Review

💁What is MasterClass?

MasterClass is the streaming platform that makes it possible for anyone to watch or listen to hundreds of video lessons taught by 100+ of the world’s best.

📖 Who is Judy Blume ?

Judy Blume is an award-winning author who writes amazing books for children, young adults, and also adults. The most famous book she has written is Are You There God?

🤷‍♀️ How does the 30-day guarantee work?

Our goal is to make sure that you have the best learning experience possible. If MasterClass isn’t for you, then email us within 30 days of the date you purchase your subscription, and we’ll offer a full refund.

🤑What is the pricing of masterclass ?

Masterclass All-Access Pass is billed at $180 and comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

Conclusion: Judy Blume Masterclass Review 2024

You wouldn’t take this course only if you are least interested in being a writer, but you’re here so it is definitely fair to say that you are a writer or you want to be one.

I would definitely recommend this course to every writer out there. Judy is an award-winning author with a life full of experiences.

She has an awesome vibe around her and her experience is extremely informative. She is very upfront and straightforward. She has dealt with everything in her journey which can create a great impact on your learning process.

So, I would definitely recommend Judy Blume’s masterclass on writing to every fiction writer.

And if you like this video please don’t forget to like, share, and comment below. Also, if you find this informative do share it with your friends because you remember what you were taught in your childhood?

You can follow Masterclass’s social media handles, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and YouTube here.

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