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In this article we have featured Leadpages Pricing, read our full article to know the details. Leadpages is a world-class website builder and landing page software that includes a plethora of design, publishing, integration, and analytics features. While the platform has everything a marketing/sales/CRO professional might want, some may believe that the Leadpages cost could be better.

If you’re dubious (or curious about just how much Leadpages cost), keep reading. In this in-depth Leadpages review, I’ll go over all you need to know about this famous online experience builder.

Leadpages Pricing: LeadPages offers three price options:


  • Regular – $49.00 per month
  • $99.00 per month for Pro

The Standard Plan

LeadPages Standard costs $49.00 a month (or $37.00 per month if paid annually) and includes 1 site, unlimited landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars, unlimited traffic and leads, free hosting, lead notifications, and 40+ integrations. The free custom domain functionality is only accessible as part of an annual subscription.

As you may be aware, this plan restricts your access to all LeadPages features. It is great for small enterprises that want landing page builders as well as website builders for their websites.



The constraints at this basic rate begin with your domain availability — with the Standard Tier, Leadpages limits you to using their functionality on one domain. When you upgrade to Pro, you may use three domains, while the Advanced plan allows you to use 50 domains.

Because many of you will be working on one firm and one domain at first, this shouldn’t be a problem. The inability to use the Leadpages Checkout function for online payments is a significant limitation at the Standard Tier.

Direct sales from landing pages on Leadpages are only available to Pro and Advanced Pricing Tiers. A/B testing, which is essential for optimizing your landing and sales pages, is likewise confined to the upper levels.

Pro Plan

The LeadPages Pro plan costs $99.00 per month (or $74.00 when billed yearly) and includes three sites, unlimited A/B testing, online payments, email triggers, links, and ten opt-in text campaigns, in addition to everything included in the Standard plan.

It provides you with access to all of the tools you need to make sales, test, and improve your website.

Once again, a free custom domain is only available on a yearly basis. This package is excellent for medium-sized enterprises searching for powerful website builders with a variety of features.


The Advanced Plan  

The Advanced plan includes more specialized capabilities and is intended for multi-employee businesses such as marketing firms. A one-on-one call to a Leadpages staff member is scheduled to get you started with the program.

They also give 5 sub-accounts for your team members that you can link to your main Leadpages account.

This tier only offers more extensive integrations with renowned marketing platforms like Salesforce and Hubspot, and your LeadDigits text message allowance has been increased from 10 to 50 campaigns. At the Advanced plan level, support is also prioritized, with priority phone, chat, and email interaction.


Which Is the Better LeadPages Pricing Option for Monthly Plans vs Annual Plans?

If you’re just trying it out or aren’t sure how long you’ll need this product, the monthly payment plan is a good option. This method is also appropriate for people who need extra operating capital but do not want to freeze big sums of money.

However, if you want to use this instrument for a longer length of time and paying a bigger sum right away isn’t an issue for you, an annual payment plan is a preferable option.

A yearly payment plan will also help you save money by lowering the overall cost of the instrument. to get the latest discount you can check LeadPages Coupons & Promo Codes

Leadpages Customer Support


Leadpages Customer Service It wouldn’t be fair to publish the current rating in this Leadpages review because there aren’t many reviews on Facebook.

But consider this: Leadpages offers the most comprehensive library of content that users can access at any moment. Leadpages also hosts weekly group coaching sessions as well as webinars/workshops on occasion.

Furthermore, if you choose the Advanced plan, you will be able to take advantage of 1-on-1 rapid calls that will assist you in setting everything up. Finally, you can contact their support team via their contact page if you have any questions.

All Leadpages plans include the following:

[BRAND NEW] Site builder for Leadpages

The only online website builder that enables you to simply design a website that converts visitors into customers while requiring no coding on your part.

Unlimited landing pages

Your account not only gives you access to free hosting on a Leadpages domain, but it also gives you complete creative freedom when it comes to generating landing pages.


Unlimited leads and traffic are available.

In contrast to the other companies, we won’t ever put a halt to your expansion or charge you additional money for it.

Unrestricted access to pop-ups and notification bars

You may collect contact information from any website you control by utilizing pop-up forms and sticky bars, which are both easy and efficient methods.

Quick loading times for pages

With industry-leading page load speeds, you can boost conversions and provide a better experience for your visitors.

Notifications of potential leads

Do you not yet have access to the email service? You may receive new subscriber query data delivered directly to your mailbox by configuring automated notifications to be sent to you.


Mobile responsive pages

Each page that you create with Leadpages is optimized to look fantastic on any platform, including desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Lead magnet hosting & delivery

With our built-in lead magnet distribution system, you can immediately distribute digital items to subscribers who have purchased them.

SEO capability

You may optimize your website for organic search using metadata fields that are simple to modify and a broad variety of templates that are optimized for search engine optimization (SEO).

Analytics performed in real-time

Tracking the success of your website’s pages, landing pages, and content is made simple for you, allowing you to make adjustments as you go along.

40 Integrations and Counting

Connect with tools that you are already familiar with, such as MailChimp, Google Analytics, Infusionsoft, and WordPress, among other options. Plus over 1000 other applications are available through Zapier.


GDPR Compliance

Your query data from Leadpages is treated in a safe environment and in compliance with the standards of GDPR. Any opt-in form may also have a checkbox for active consent added to it quickly and easily.

Features of Leadpages: Which Leadpages features are included with each of the company’s pricing tiers?

Leadpages Standard

The first plan that Leadpages makes available to customers is called the Standard plan.

The following benefits are included as part of the Standard plan:

1 Site: You are able to publish Leadpages on either one of your own websites or on a domain owned by Leadpages.

Landing Pages, Pop-Ups, and Alert Bars: Leadpages gives you the ability to collect contact information from any page you own by utilizing straightforward pop-up forms and alert bars on your landing pages.

Want to automatically send an opt-in bribe or lead magnet without having to set up an integration? The Lead Magnet Delivery System can do that for you. Using Leadpages’ Lead Magnet Delivery System, you may easily accomplish this goal.

Unlimited Landing Pages, Unlimited Traffic, and Unlimited Leads: Regardless of how much traffic and leads your startup receives, you won’t be charged more as it expands. This feature is included at no additional cost. When it comes to the number of landing pages that you publish, there is no cap on how high you can go!


Free Custom Domain with Yearly Purchase All annual subscriptions to Leadpages come with one free year of domain registration through Hover. This is included with the purchase of the annual membership.
Free Hosting: An SSL encryption is applied to all of your pages, which enables you to host your landing pages on an HTTPS address at no additional cost.

Mobile-Responsive Templates: Select the landing page template that best suits the requirements of your startup from a library of professionally designed landing page templates.

Lead Notifications In order to stay on top of your leads, it is important to set up automated email notifications on new subscriber data.

Publish landing pages and pop-ups to any WordPress site with just a few clicks with this simple plugin for WordPress. There is no need for any technical code.

Customer Service for Technical Issues (via Email): Leadpages has tech support specialists available to assist you by email in the event that you run into technical difficulties.

Forty or more Standard Integrations: Do you want to link Leadpages to the marketing and sales platforms that you use the most? The most common email service providers (ESPs), contact relationship management (CRM) solutions, webinar application providers, and more can be readily integrated with Leadpages.

Free Trial for 14 Days The Leadpages Standard plan provides a free trial period of 14 days so that you may determine whether or not this plan is suitable for your company.

Leadpages Pro

The Pro plan is the second bundle that can be purchased from Leadpages.

The Leadpages Pro plan provides the following features in addition to those that are included with the Leadpages Standard plan:

You are allowed to publish Leadpages on up to three websites that you own or on a domain that is owned by Leadpages.

Do you want to be able to collect recurring payments and online sales through your Leadpages? This is made possible by Stripe and may be done with the Leadpages Checkouts plugin. Through the use of this capability, you can also send digital products to customers.

Unlimited A/B Split Testing: Run A/B split testing on each page you create using the landing page builder to optimize your pages for conversions. This feature is included at no additional cost.


Email Trigger Links: Make use of Lead links to ask your subscribers to sign up for webinars or join various email lists with just a single click using Email Trigger Links. All of this can be done within the recipients’ email inboxes.

Leaddigits gives you the ability to encourage your audience to opt into your email list using SMS text messaging with their 10 opt-in text campaign options.

Tech Customer Support (through Chat and Email): Leadpages offers tech support specialists available to assist you both through live chat and through email in order to help you get unstuck.

Free Trial for 14 Days The Leadpages Pro plan provides a free trial period of 14 days so that you may determine whether or not this plan is suitable for your company.

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Conclusion: Leadpages Pricing 2023

Every blogger should prioritize developing their email list, and Leadpages is the perfect tool for doing it. It’s one of the most user-friendly blogging tools I’ve come across this year.

I now spend less time working on my website and developing landing pages. I didn’t have to spend a lot of time reading tutorials or contacting the company’s support personnel. And it’s assisting me in increasing the number of subscribers to this blog.

I appreciate tools like these because they allow me to spend more time writing and less time gazing at WordPress’s backend. So, yeah, Leadpages is worthwhile for me.

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