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How to Use BlueHost Coupon Code For Maximum Discount 2024

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I don’t scribble down a review very often, but when I do, I make sure the company or product I’m reviewing, is worth my time, and your money.

To be honest, I’m 100% trying to sell BlueHost to you.

But wait, don’t judge me yet. I’ll give you proofs, data, charts, live-human testimonials, and then finally a guide on How to Use BlueHost Coupon Code For Maximum Discount.

And then, you can decide if it was worth your time or not. My bet?

You’re going to fall in love with it. Why?

I don’t believe in sweet talks, so read along for some data-backed claims I’ll be making. (Of course, If I’m sticking my name out, and saying:- “Hey! Go out and buy BlueHost.”, I wanna make sure you thank me after buying it).

So here’s the point, the internet is filled with literally hundreds of “Bluehost Reviews”, why this one? I mean why should you even waste another 5minutes of your life on this post?

Well, because it’s not just another “review”, but instead I’ll be showing you how to use an exclusive, unique BlueHost Coupon Code for a Maximum discount for the first time on the internet!

(See the discount part? That’s what makes this piece unique, cause “No other, yup, none of the other reviews can have the coupon code I’m talking about. You’ll soon find out why!)

So, I’m talking about BlueHost, the industry leader when it comes to Hostings and servers, but ask me a question, Why BlueHost? I mean why?

Why not any other company? I’m sure you can get discount codes for other companies too, right?

Don’t Miss: – Even if you’re not interested in the review, you’re going to love the last section. Because the kind of coupon I’m talking about will blow your minds. It’s exclusive, unique, and extremely rare. Excited yet? Read along.

BlueHost Review: – Why BlueHost?

I won’t ask you to go and buy BlueHost right now, nope I won’t.

Instead, I’m showing you how it performs, handles, and keeps your site alive. What its features and potentials are, and those are constant. Even if you don’t buy it, it still is a fact.

So just read along, and if by the end of this piece you decide it’s value for money, I’ll show you how to avail the coupon code for maximum discount. (And I mean the “maximum” part!)

Server Uptime:-

No matter how large, or small your website is.

The one thing you just can’t ignore is Server uptime. Right?

I mean what’s the first question that pops up in your mind when you’re going for a server?

Nope, it’s not the money, it’s not the speed, but it’s the uptime, isn’t it?

I mean no matter how cheap or expensive the server is, how fast or slow it is, all of those things will matter only and only if your website is at least “live”, right?

What’s the use of having a super-fast blazing server, if the site isn’t even up? Huh?

bluehost See? I already told you, I don’t believe in sweet talks. Here’s a monitor report of BlueHost’s uptime for January 2016! See? 100% Uptime! How many companies have the guts to do that?

I could’ve told you “Hey, Bluehost’s awesome, it doesn’t go down, ever!”. But then, you’d be like “Of course he’d say so, he wants our money to make commissions!”. That’s the reason I put that image up to explain things to you the way you’d understand.

So? Worth reading more?

Yeah, I’m not saying only Uptime would do, nope I’m not. Well chill out, I’ve got other “will do” metrics in line for you.


Yup, the second most important aspect that might be bothering you (and it should) when it comes to website servers is, site speed!

It’s no use if your site’s up 24X7, but the speed sucks. Because in that case, you’d be a victim of PogoSticking. (It’s just something that users do when they don’t like the site, they hit the back button, and it hurts your rankings!)

So yeah, you need to be able to maintain your site speed too, right?

Would you like to hear something I say? Here, I’m saying it, Hey trust me, Bluehost speed rocks! Especially at THAT PRICE! (Ah? Too dull? I’m again just trying to get sales am not I? )

Here’s how BlueHost’s speed looks like when monitored via advanced BitCatcha monitors.


What Does “B” Mean?

Well, “A+” means the best. And I’m talking about “Facebook” and “Google” kind of servers. You know Facebook has to have a server too right? So yeah those companies? They’re marked A+.

Then there’s an A, for companies like Godaddy and other more casual ones.

And then there’s the “B”. So well B? It literally means the best possible speed for general websites which people like us make. (People like us? Those who aren’t billionaires, don’t have a million hits a day, and are happy with something that’s worth our money, simple as that.)

So, Do I need to spell this out for you? If speed was your concern, it shouldn’t be anymore.

Equip your website - How to Use BlueHost Coupon Code For Maximum Discount

User Optimized C-panel:-

You get a Cpanel with all the servers, no doubt.

But one that’s been specifically optimized for you? Not so easily available. That’s what BlueHost gets you. The features are the same, with all the options and everything, but the dashboard has been given a new, improvised look.

Now it “does” matter more than you’d calculate it to, why? Unless you’re having a smooth User experience with a product, there’s not really any point in buying it, right?

I mean you’re paying for it from your hard-earned cash, the least you deserve is peace of mind. And with BlueHost? You get exactly that.


Extremely Broad FAQ and Video Tutorials:-

The problem with lots of servers is, no matter how good their features are, you can’t always count on their support.

And anyway, I’m not the kind who likes to call up guys at the support center and explain to them a hundred times what my problem is. (Which, in most cases, they don’t understand).

Well, with BlueHost provides us with not only an extremely broad FAQ which covers almost every single detail that might be related to the server, but also a Youtube Channel that explains things to you, on video!

So see? They’re providing you quality, and a solution if you ever get stuck. What else are you looking for? Free Servers? If yeah, then good luck.

So yeah that was the “review” if you should go with BlueHost or not, and if yes then why, those were the answers, right? Now let’s focus on something you’ve been dying to get your hands on.

If that wasn’t enough, they even got a toll-free Support number! Tell me it could get any better?

Expert Help - How to Use BlueHost Coupon Code For Maximum Discount

Other Notable Features:-

AutoResponders: – With the servers, you of course get 100% Unlimited AutoResponders to keep your Email list in the discipline.

AutoInstallers: – Set up Third-party CMS’s like WordPress with one click!

E-commerce: – Scripts like ZenCart and Prestashop make it “click easy” to start your own E-commerce site with a couple of clicks.

Unlimited Space: – Needless to mention, you’re getting unlimited space with BlueHost! Yup, no limitations on how much you can upload!

Unlimited Bandwidth: – No matter how much resources your traffic consumes, your site isn’t going down. Nope, that’s not happening, it’s unlimited bandwidth that makes sure that your site is live, 24X7.

30-day Money Back: – Didn’t like it? They’re going to refund you your money, no questions asked! So you aren’t losing anything anyway.

Pricing (With the Discount!)

BlueHost servers generally cost around 200-400Rs. Well, I’d say for that kind of quality and service, it’s dirt-cheap anyway. But if you’re keen on getting a discount and are tight on the budget…

You can avail a flat 34% discount on Bluehost! Specifically customized and exclusively available to BLOGGINGCAGE readers only! Exclusive? Well yeah, the coupon code is specifically made for BloggingCage readers from the BlueHost team, so no other platform in India could get you BlueHost at this price, that’s a bet!

How to Use BlueHost Coupon Code for Maximum Discount!

Maximum Discount? Let me explain.

Normally the coupon codes you get with BlueHost are for a specific plan or package. For eg., you might get 10% off on WordPress hosting, or on Linux hosting, but that’s all, right?

What this coupon- BloggingCage will do for you is, it adds a discount to the overall cart price! Meaning, you can buy any damn product you want, any number of times.

Say you got WordPress Servers, and then Linux Servers, a Domain name, and Reseller servers in a single cart, whatever, it doesn’t matter. This coupon adds the discount to the overall cart! Meaning if your cart total is 10,000 INR, you can get the products for 7500 only! (approx!). 

So in case you used the better half of your brain and decided on the better future of your sites, head over to BlueHost.

Select Hosting> Any Plan /Service you wish. (It’s applicable to every damn hosting plan! Linux Hosting-Windows hosting- WordPress Hosting)

Not just hosting, you can even get a Reseller Package with it! ( Both Windows & Linux!)

So once you’ve selected the type of hosting you want and want to get BlueHost maximum discount for, select the plan.

PRICING -How to Use BlueHost Coupon Code For Maximum Discount

A popup would come up, click on “I already have a domain name” if you already got one. Or on “I want to buy a new domain name” if you don’t have one yet, and enter the domain name.

And then finally, in the cart, scroll down to the box which asks for Coupon codes, and apply BloggingCage as the coupon.

You’ll get an extremely reduced price in the cart as soon as the coupon is applied! See? The reason I was so bold about the “maximum” thing was, it does actually apply a MAXIMUM discount on the whole of the cart and not just one product.

Once you’ve got the discount. Just click on Proceed to Payment button, make the payment, and you’re done!

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Conclusion | How to Use BlueHost Coupon Code For Maximum Discount 2024

So BlueHost, is it worth the money?

It’s giving you 99.99% uptime! It’s giving you world-class Speed, Support, Unlimted Space & Bandwidth, and whatnot!

And the best part? The coupon BloggingCage will apply a discount of 34% to “ALL” your cart items!

So if you’ve ever needed Bulk shopping (Of course it works with single-products too), then this is the time you should be going for it. Just imagine 34% off  3-4 different products?

That’s like you’ll be getting the next product totally free anyway!

Do let me know your thoughts on it. And I dare you, point me out a single reason, why you “aren’t” going with BlueHost!

I’d say, even if you already got a server, it can’t be BlueHost quality! That’s a bet, again!


Jitendra Vaswani is the founder of SchemaNinja WordPress Plugin, prior to SchemaNinja he is the founder of many internet marketing blogs, and He is a successful online marketer & award-winning digital marketing consultant. He has been featured on HuffingtonPost, BusinessWorld, YourStory, Payoneer, Lifehacker & other leading publications as a successful blogger & digital marketer. Jitendra Vaswani is also a frequent speaker & having 8+ yrs experience of in the Digital Marketing field. Check out his portfolio( Find him on Twitter, & Facebook.