GeneratePress vs Astra: Which WordPress Theme Should You Use in 2023?

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GeneratePress or Astra which one is better? 

You might be having confusing questions like which one is faster?

Which provides more functionality or which is more user-friendly. So many questions and we’ll be discussing all of them in this article. Now this is totally objective and in no way biased because I like both themes.

You will get more closer with the GeneratePress vs Astra head-to-head comparison.


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Pricing $59/yr $47/yr
Best for

End users, developers, designers, agencies

End users, developers, designers, agencies

  • Compatible with major page builders
  • Modular
  • Small Catalog
  • Less than 50 KB of resource
  • Loads in just half a second!
  • Self Hosted Google Fonts
  • Clean code
  • No need of Page Builders
  • Stellar Customer Support
  • Header and Footer Options
  • WooCommerce Ready
  • Dedicated Sidebar
  • GeneratePress has limited features.
  • The customisations are a bit slower.
  • The free version is limited.
Ease of Use

Astra is easy to use and simple to understand. It is a very lightweight theme that is focused on speed.

GeneratePress is lightweight and easy to use as well but it has less customization.

Value For Money

The free version is more of a demo with limited options, but the Pro has most of what you would need.

Astra is a bit costly when compared to GeneratePress. Although both of them have a lightweight Wordpress plug-in theme.

Customer Support

GeneratePress is very cognizant of supporting their customers and users and people seem to love it.

Astra has received some criticism with their support response time.

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Are you looking for an unbiased Comparision GeneratePress vs Astra? You are at the right place, but let me ask you few questions.

Finding a good WordPress theme for your website is hard. There are thousands of themes to choose from, but not all of them are right for your business. Some look great in the demo but don’t offer enough customization or features that you need.

Others may have a lot of bells and whistles, but they also slow down your site and make it hard to find what you want on your website.

Solution: GeneratePress is the perfect balance between style and substance – so you can build an amazing website without breaking the bank on design services or expensive plugins.

on the other hand, Astra is an easy-to-use yet powerful WordPress theme with WooCommerce integration that provides countless options for customizing every aspect of your store layout and design – including unlimited colors!

You can use GeneratePress for most of your blog sites and you can use Astra for most of your E-commerce sites. Hopefully, after you review this article you can make a better decision to choose which one is better for you or if you want to buy either of the themes.

In this article, I will be talking about their features, layout customization, pricing plans, and pros and cons. I hope these tips will help you and gain you a few more profits. Let’s get into a detailed review for further information. 

In this comparison article we will talk about:

  • Some of the best features of GeneratePress and Astra. 
  • What are its ease of use, support, and modules? 
  • Pros and Cons.
  • Which one offers better pricing GeneratePress and Astra.
  • Finally, we will see which one is better for you.

Bottom line Upfront:

If you know WordPress then you have probably heard about these two themes: GeneratePress and Astra.

These are two of the best WordPress themes available. You might be wondering which theme to use for your own WordPress website then this article might just do the trick for you.

generatepress vs astra

GeneratePress vs Astra will help you find the perfect WordPress theme to build your site on without wasting time or money.

We’ve listed out all the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you!

Click here to learn more about GeneratePress

Astra is the fastest growing theme of all time and that sounds pretty impressive. GeneratePress is a lightweight theme that offers free plug-ins to the user but if you want to explore more advanced features then you should purchase the premium plans of both for better layout design and customization.

Table of Contents

GeneratePress vs Astra 2023: Which is better GeneratePress or Astra?


It is a popular WordPress theme. You can use GeneratePress for SEO and affiliate marketing. If you are looking for something to help your site speed issues then GeneratePress is the one for you.

Site speed is becoming a very important topic because it’s a big ranking factor because Google is looking for the best experience so if you have a website that loads fast and people can click through and it’s user-friendly then guess what you’re going to get more favorable rankings with Google.

You can use the GeneratePress theme for most of your affiliate websites and also for affiliate money sites. It also has drag-and-drop features that you are with a lot of themes and a lot of the plug-ins that you see.

generatepress vs astra

So, there’s not a lot of stuff bogging it down. This is something that’s more of a bare-bones type platform. First and foremost there are a couple of different options that you can use with GeneratePress.

You can install this as a free theme but if you want to unlock some of the more advanced features then you need to upgrade to the pro version which is not that expensive at all.

Check out the detailed GeneratePress review here 


Astra is one of the most popular WordPress themes available and it’s not surprising as it allows you to have a website up and running in minutes.

It also integrates with all major page builders and add-on plug-ins for pricing the basic theme is free.

With the pro version costing $59 per year and an agency, the bundle is available too at a higher price but the company regularly offered discounts.

As for notable features, there are lots of pre-built templates giving you an out-of-the-box website that’s ready to go.

The layout settings include options to adjust your headers, footers, and sidebars and it also has special settings for WooCommerce that you don’t find in many other themes.

Also, the pro version has a powerful mega menu and mobile header features. For the speed test results, the GeneratePress metrics gave us a performance score of b 76%.

GeneratePress vs Astra – Is It Worth It?

When comparing free versions, GeneratePress will get you much further than Astra, which is more of a demonstration. Both themes have demos, but they take a different approaches to them.

Astra’s demos have a distinct design style. Whereas GeneratePressn websites are all fully built out and offer more variety. It is up to you to decide which design is superior.

It’s safe to say that Astra is geared toward developers, whereas GeneratePress is geared toward the general public. That is not to say that a developer would not choose Astra; it is simply the primary user type for which they are designed.

Some GeneratePress Advantages

  • Theme Truly Built For Performance
  • Developers Love The Hooks & Filters
  • People Love Their Support
  • Extensive Documentation

GeneratePress vs Astra Features: Is Astra the best WordPress theme?

User Interface 

GeneratePress free version themes- GP Premium vs Free

Now let’s be objective here though GeneratePress wins in speed it doesn’t mean Astra is inferior. In fact, if you compare the functionality and user-friendliness, and interface I think Astra wins, hands down.

The major difference between the Astra theme and GeneratePress when it comes to the user interface is in their customizer. Other than that, their options pages are similar to each other. 


The free GeneratePress edition lacks starting sites (but does with the premium version). The free edition also lacks backend dashboard settings. So, after installing the free theme, go to the native WordPress Customizer:

GeneratePress keeps things lighter than Astra in the Customizer. As a result, Astra feels more user-friendly in the Customizer settings.

For example, to choose one of the pre-set header layouts, you just type:

As you’ll see, Astra takes a different approach.

This gives you more options for changing specific chunks of text, which we’ll cover in the compatibility section.

With the WordPress Customizer, GeneratePress maintains its lightweight, bloat-free approach.


Astra has a more structured onboarding procedure because it offers starter sites even in the free edition. With Astra, you’ll spend most of your time in the WordPress Customizer.

At first, Astra will ask you to install the Starter Templates plugin, which gives you access to the importable demo sites:

It installs the demo site plugin, which we’ll examine next.

Beyond that, you’ll use the native WordPress Customizer, exactly as GeneratePress:

Astra’s Customizer settings regions are more intuitive. With a pre-made header layout, you receive a visual representation rather than a text list:

Is it a big deal? No way. But most individuals will undoubtedly prefer Astra’s beginner-friendly setup.

Controls for individual pages can be found in the page builder compatibility section.


It’s a tie since both really have a good user interface where you can install and activate additional free plug-ins that further extend the functionality of the theme.

generatepress vs astra

In Astra, you can find shortcuts to various customized settings along with available pro modules which you can activate and deactivate. In GeneratePress you will find three tanks linking to modules. elements and the site library. 

Starter Sites 

In GeneratePress you can create professionally designed pixels per website in minutes with the starter templates plug-in.

This plug-in gives you access to numerous premade full website templates and individual pages for your favorite page builder such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, and the WordPress editor.

Astra starter sites have the following aspects: 

Astra starter templates- GP vs Astra comparison

  • Installed Required Plug-ins.
  • Import Customiser Settings. 
  • Import Content.
  • Import Widgets. 
  • Delete previously imported site.   


Both have site plug-one which allows you to import complete website demos, and tweak them as build professional themes: it can be used to improve and make easier template search options. Ability to make your favorite templates as well. 

Pricing: GeneratePress vs Astra

GeneratePress has only one pricing plan you can either go on a yearly plan which costs $49 or get the lifetime plan for $249. With Astra, there are three pricing plans.

Astra Pro is compatible with the GeneratePress Premium and it costs $59 and the lifetime membership costs the same as GeneratePress.

generatepress vs astra

If you use Eliminator or Beaver builder you can get a mini agency bundle for $169 per year and they have a plan specifically for agencies that costs $249 per year.

So, if you want to get either of these themes you can go through the pricing plans for further details for the latest updates, deals, and discounts.


If you ask me, both pricing plans have affordable plans for a year.

But I feel Astra is a bit costly when compared to GeneratePress.

generatepress vs astra

Although both of them have a lightweight WordPress plug-in theme, they both are mainly focused on preference, speed, and usability.

I’d say even you can choose any one of them as they both have unique advanced features which will help you build blog sites.  


Both of these themes come with both free and pro versions.  With both of the free versions, you’ll get access to premium modules and add-ons. The GeneratePress premium version gives you access to 15 modules whereas the Astra Pro gives you access to 16 add-ons out of which two are yet to come.

GeneratePress Modules- GeneratePress and Astra Comparison

However by looking at the sheer amount of modules these themes have got to offer. The module-based approach in WordPress themes is on the buzz for good reasons. It’s like an object vs function-oriented approach. They are easy to maintain, scalable, and also easier to market. 


But I think WordPress Astra has taken it too far by creating a separate add-on for just a scroll to the top button. Apart from this, there are several free plugins released by Astra developers themselves to further extend the functionalities. checkout our detailed comparison between astra vs kadence

Free Vs Premium Features


GeneratePress Free Theme download

You are getting the same theme minus a few things so both the Astra and GeneratePress free themes are nothing to turn your nose about.

On that note if you are looking for a free theme then there’s very little difference between Astra free theme and GeneratePress free theme what I would suggest is that you install both themes and you can try both theme templates.

Keep in mind once again with the free version you won’t be able to access every template but you will be able to access some.

I think the decision of whether you should use the free version of Astra or GeneratePress is really going to boil down to the preference of the templates that you have available if you want to make use of those templates.


Astra Pro theme comes with all this extra functionality which includes White-label which is handy if you’re building websites for clients.

The features include site layouts, advanced typography, mere colors, spacing control which gives you greater control over each element spacing padding and margin, and much more.

The pricing of Astra theme pro is very reasonable. It costs $59 per year and you can use it on an unlimited number of websites. 

generatepress vs astra

GeneratePress is much like Astra you can see greater control over color typography. The features include site library elements, WooCommerce integration menu, the spacing of colors, and a feature that I haven’t seen in all the themes which I think is very interesting.

It’s this disable elements feature which enables you to turn off various theme elements on specific pages throughout your website which is brilliant because you can turn off certain elements that you’re not using on a web page and improve the performance, and the loading speed of that page. 


Astra and GeneratePress both have amazing pricing plans: free and premium. But what makes it unique and stand hard from anyone else is – the fact that both of them Astra and GeneratePress both have amazing pricing plans and unique features which can be used by anyone who wishes to try it out for free or either premium plans.

But if you ask me about premium plans you can make use of a lot for your website when compared to the free version. It also has a 30-day money-back guarantee which makes it all the more interesting to try it out. 

Layout and Style Customisation

Astra Pro theme comes with something called custom layouts which enables you to build headers and footers and all kinds of things and assign them to different areas on your website using hooks and GeneratePress has the same exact feature only they call it elements.

In a custom layout, you have a set box and this enables you to assign your new layout to the header or footer or s custom hook all the available hooks.

generatepress vs astra

Now in the premium version of the GeneratePress theme, you’ll notice that you have an elements section under appearance this is the place where we can header, footer, or hook.

Header control

GeneratePress includes some options for customizing the site header, including the ability to change the width, alignment, padding, and toggle mobile header capability.

GeneratePress also allows you to customize the page header. Individual page headers can be specified, the page header can be made transparent, a video background, an image, or content can be added, or all of these components can be used at once.

The Astra theme, on the other hand, has extras such as header sections and page headers. You can alter the primary header, add a layout above or below the header, and make the header bar transparent using the customizer.

What drew me in was the “Above header” feature!

Unlike GeneratePress, Astra includes a separate “post type” for page header creation and administration. You can define site headers, page headers, and display rules in that separate section.

It’s far more powerful to have a distinct section for managing headers than to have to establish page headers every time.

Footer control

Custom text, padding, and the number of widget regions in the bottom bar are all choices available in GeneratePress.

In the case of Astra, you may choose from a variety of footer layouts, customize the text for each of the various footer sections, and choose from seven different footer widget styles.

When it comes to the footer, both themes offer the same level of customization.


Both are indeed great at what they do. Astra projects with various designs, styles, and layouts in a customized manner whereas in GeneratePress the themes will be under the eliminator section under appearance which makes it all the more worthwhile to use designs, layouts, and styles for customization. 


Generatepress performance- astra vs generatepress

Astra is lightweight when compared to GeneratePress. It is due to the fact that Astra is easy with queries. Astra is more focused on usability and GeneratePress is more focused on speed.

Honestly, I love both of them. If I create a website specifically for blogging and affiliate marketing then I’d definitely use GeneratePress but if I’m building a website for E-commerce then I’d definitely go for Astra. 


Astra and GeneratePress have incredible performance and speed. They have been in the market for so long which makes it all the more impossible to just ignore them and look for a better way to build your blog site or e-commerce site.

The performance depends on what you want to do with building your site either for blogging purposes or e-commerce purposes.

generatepress vs astra

It depends on how you want to choose to build your site and the performance depends on it.

I’d say both are incredible at what they do and provide us with various designs and customizations.

Is GeneratePress a good theme?

It has one of the greatest ratings in the WordPress repository, with 848 out of 858 reviews giving it a 5-star rating, and it has more than 200,000 active installs.

GeneratePress is one of the most popular themes currently available (as of this writing). It is obvious that this concept is hiding something up its sleeve.

Astra vs GeneratePress: Performance & Speed

Both GeneratePress and Astra stand out in the theme industry due to their speed and performance. Both themes are lightning fast!

Both themes were designed to be light and entertaining. In those aspects, they are among the best themes in the industry. WordPress installations using GeneratePress or Astra take less than a half-second. They’re both fast and perform admirably, so there’s not much of a difference between the two.

WINNER: Both themes perform similarly.

Astra vs GeneratePress: Design and Layout

Astra and GeneratePress both use a modular approach to theme options. You can turn on and off features that you want to use or disable in order to improve the performance of your website.

Both of these themes use the WordPress Customizer to provide theme settings rather than a separate theme options panel.

The layout options are organized logically in the Customizer and are easily accessible with a single click. Astra’s free version has more features than GeneratePress. So, if you don’t intend to upgrade to the paid version of either theme, Astra is the better choice because it offers more in almost every department than GeneratePress for free.

The Primary Menu is one such example. As the final item in the primary menu, Astra allows you to include a widget, HTML/text, or Button. However, without the use of custom HTML, there is no way to add a button to the header area in GeneratePress.

GeneratePress vs Astra — Layout and Style Customization

When we were comparing the free features to the premium features, we touched on this topic a little bit, but now let’s delve deeper into the layout and style customization possibilities that are available in both themes.

Both Astra and GeneratePress provide a large number of possibilities for customization, which is one of the reasons why both of these alternatives are so often used.

The fact that there is such a wide variety of choices makes this part of the chart particularly difficult to analyze (especially if you have the premium version). To delve into each and every one of the features, you would need a whole booklet all to yourself!

In most respects, Astra is somewhat ahead of the competition in terms of the sheer amount of features.

However, for the majority of scenarios, either theme can provide you with all of the solutions that you require. When it comes to some of the more specialized functions, the majority of users probably won’t even notice any change at all.

In addition, GeneratePress is more adaptable in some areas, but Astra’s lead does not extend to all aspects of the competition.

For instance, GeneratePress provides a greater number of predefined header layouts than Astra does with its upcoming header/footer builder, which is presently in beta at the time that we are writing this comparison. However, this will soon change.

Compatible with page builders such as Elementor

Both Astra and GeneratePress are completely compatible with page builders. In fact, Astra claims to be a page builder theme. If you’re using a page builder, such as Elementor, you can let the theme handle global options like colors and typography while the page builder handles the rest of the design of your blog.

You can also use Elementor to create a custom header and footer for your blog, which will replace your theme’s header and footer. In practice, the sky is the limit.

Astra’s page builder onboarding is more user-friendly. When you activate the site-library importer plugin, it will ask you whether you want to use a page builder or none (the default editor), and it will present you with starter templates based on your selection.

To summarise, Astra has more starter templates and is compatible with more page builders than GeneratePress.

GeneratePress, on the other hand, is more geared toward the Gutenberg editor and includes some unique theme-building features that I will reveal later in this comparison.

Color customization

Both of these themes are nearly identical in terms of color modification. Both of these themes feature the same color selection control on the customizer page.

You may alter the color of every component of your site with color pickers, from widget title color to footer link color. For non-coders, any visual aspect may be changed without touching a single line of CSS.

I would still recommend GeneratePress because it allows you to fine-tune the colors of form elements, slider elements, and menu components.

If your demands are more sophisticated, you may always use the custom CSS section that both of these themes include.

Page Builder Integrations

Astra is one of the best themes to use with page builders. Even the custom plugins are incredibly impressive and have ultimate add-ons such as extend Elementor and Beaver builder. The page level aside from the page builder can be defined as custom layouts and sidebars as well as enabling or disabling certain elements like the title, sidebar, footer, and more of a specific single page. 

GeneratePress is just like Astra where it supports both the Elementor page builder and beaver builder as well as the others.

generatepress vs astra

Their site library consists of demos that are built either in Elementor or beaver builder or on their own mini-page builder called sections which can be accessed by activating its premium sections module. 


Astra is the clear winner as it shows support and advanced integration with Elementor and beaver not only via its large site library but also via its ultimate add-ons.

GeneratePress on the other hand is very compatible with major page builders but they don’t specify which. They also offer many page-level customization options for the layout and sidebar as well. 

Developer Compatibility

Astra comes with custom hooks that developers can use to insert custom code snippets in different areas of the theme.

generatepress vs astra

GeneratePress comes with tons of hooks and filters that let you insert custom content and code snippets in various parts of your website. 


The compatibility between them is a tie where both themes offer tons of hooks and filters that give you the freedom to make changes to the theme. 

E-commerce Integration

WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world, with over 31% of the top one million websites using it according to the data. It is therefore expected for a premium theme to have support or integration with this very popular plug-in and both GeneratePress and Astra don’t disappoint.

generatepress vs astra

Both themes offer extensive layout and customization options dedicated to WooCommerce, giving you the ability to change and control your store’s colors, background, layout and typography, and many more. 


If you’re considering making a serious WooCommerce shop, then Astra is the real and clear winner with its unique WooCommerce integration features that are not found in GeneratePress. 

Other Integrations

Astra has integrated with WooCommerce so that your WordPress site can be converted into an online store. They have also integrated with Learndash and LifterLMS which are learning management systems.

generatepress vs astra

If you intend to teach a course or sell a course these are the tools you will need and they have additional add-ons if you are using page builders like elementor because builder plus they have just integrated with a toolset which is an advanced page builder that does not require any coding. 

GeneratePress’ only integration is WooCommerce and as for the learning management system they are creating an additional free plug-in that will add features for both Learndash and Lifter LMS but nothing has been concrete yet for this plug-in. 


generatepress vs astra

In my opinion, GeneratePress wants to maintain the most lightweight WordPress theme because if you do all these theme integrations it will increase the file size of the theme and could slow down the theme performance.

So, in terms of integrations, I would say Astra is much better at this. By now you see both theme developers have a different focus. Astra is more focused on user-friendliness and speed in their secondary priority while GeneratePress focuses on speed first then user-friendliness.

Support and Documentation

GeneratePress support is awesome. Now in terms of support depending on how complicated your questions are both Astra and GeneratePress will usually reply within 24 hours but both do not have live support and both have documentations where you can refer to New Astra support using the ticket system while GeneratePress uses the forum style support.

generatepress vs astra

Personally, I prefer the forum style because usually, I do not need to contact the support after all they have probably answered the same question on the forum. 


This way I can solve my problems much quicker. That’s the advantage of having an open-style support system but of course due to the lack of functionality of GeneratePress sometimes you still have to contact the support and they are really good at understanding your questions if you provide visual representation with the same goes for Astra.

Astra Pro Premium Wp-theme

The Astra theme is now installed on over 1.653.898 websites. Astra PRO costs $ 59, which is a very reasonable price for such a good theme. While installing the theme, we notice how simple the demo installation is.

We run a few speed tests and discover that the theme loads extremely quickly in our browser, even with a large number of modules enabled. The theme easily wins the race for the highest rating for WordPress themes, which naturally draws attention.

Everyone is clearly praising this theme, and no one is criticizing it. Check out the image below, there are 3537 ratings and only a few negative ones (that must be haters). Everything else is nearly perfect.

WooCommerce Support

WooCommerce is one of the most widely used e-commerce platforms, with more than 31% of the top one million websites utilizing it.

As a result, a premium theme should feature or integrate with this widely used plugin, and both GeneratePress and Astra do not disappoint.

Both themes have extensive WooCommerce-specific layout and customization options, allowing you to adjust and control your store’s colors, background, layout, typography, and more.

In truth, many things are present in both, so we’ll only focus on what makes each theme unique.

Astra’s WooCommerce features are one-of-a-kind.

All of Astra’s WooCommerce customization options are centralized, providing you quick access to everything you need to personalize your store.

The option to change the metadata structure of your product is one of the capabilities available only in Astra. By clicking and dragging, you can, for example, show or hide certain elements or reorder them.

Another standout feature of Astra is the WooCommerce off-canvas sidebar. A similar feature exists in GeneratePress, but it is a global one.

GeneratePress Unique WooCommerce Features

When it comes to WooCommerce options, GeneratePress is a tad disorganized. There are settings under Colors, and another under Typography, among other things. However, this is due to the fact that GeneratePress organizes options by category rather than by area.

Fortunately, the tiny navigation menu, which we’ve already seen, allows you to quickly move to different alternatives. The usual WooCommerce customizer choices, however, are not included in this.

When it comes to WooCommerce integration, there are only a few minor differences between GeneratePress and other plugins.

The majority of these are toggles, such as the option to show a secondary image on hover, show a flash sale, show product count, show sorting, and so on. While Astra can potentially handle most of these, GeneratePress gives you more control over them.

Astra and GeneratePress addons

The only add-on that is currently available for GeneratePress is called GenerateBlocks. It makes your Gutenberg editor more versatile and helps you develop amazing web pages without the need for any other page builder plugins to be installed on your site.

You may make gorgeous websites with the help of the blocks that are packaged with GenerateBlocks.

These blocks include containers, grids, headlines, and buttons. In addition, you will be provided with some pre-made templates that you can use to construct the various blocks on your website, such as the page hero, post meta, post navigation, site headers, and so on.

Astra further comes with a few add-ons, both free and paid for.

GeneratePress comes with built-in tools that allow you to reset the customizer and import and export the settings for the customizer.

It is lacking in functionality such as customizer search, custom Typekit fonts, bulk edits, and other similar functions. These features will save a significant amount of time.

Add-ons such as Ultimate Addons for Elementor and Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder are available for purchase through Astra. You have the option of purchasing Astra’s growth bundle, which costs $249 per year if you want to expand the capabilities of your page builder with these add-ons.

The best add-on plugins are available for Gutenberg.

This is a free plugin that comes with a variety of block elements that may be used to improve the amount of creative freedom available in the basic Gutenberg editor.

When compared to GenerateBlocks, UAG provides access to more complex building blocks. These include things like post layouts, pricing lists, info boxes, timelines for posts and content, and a great deal more. To view all of the blocks that UAG has to offer, go here.

There is a wide variety of scalability and personalization options available for each of these blocks. Please be aware that you will not receive any templates to assist you in the design of these blocks.

Installation Process Astra vs GeneratePress

How To Install GeneratePress In 6 Easy Steps

The installation of GeneratePress is very easy.

1. The First Step Is, to log into your WordPress Go To The dashboard.

How To Install GeneratePress

2. Then go to “Plugin> Add New” in the left menu.

3. At the top, you will see an Upload Plugin at the top, browse and select the file, click that button.

How To Install GeneratePress Add Plugin

4. If You have a zipped plugin you can install it by uploading it here, see the below image


5. In the Search Topics bar, enter:

6. You will see GeneratePress and you will see some of our sub-topics.


7. The Final Step is to Click on “Install” and then enable.

How To Install Astra In 5 Easy Steps

1. The First Step Is to Log into your WordPress dashboard.


2. Now Go to Appearance, Then Click On  Themes, And then  Add New

How to install astra

3. On The Search Bar Research – Astra, And Find The Theme


4. After that click on Install Astra, which you can see in the below image


5. The Final step is to Activate and launch your Astra theam


Astra vs GeneratePress: Ease of Use 

Astra is easy to use and simple to understand. It is a very lightweight theme that is focused on speed. It has some of the fastest themes available in WordPress.

GeneratePress is also very simple to use and easy to understand. It also has a lightweight theme that is focused on speed but in Astra, it chooses preference then speed but that’s not the case with GeneratePress. In GeneratePress, speed is given the top-most priority.

Generatepress Custiomization - GP Premimu Review

It’s impossible to say which one is better in the ease of use because it is made for different users. GeneratePress is focused on development whereas Astra is focused on the mass market.

It does not mean users won’t type which it is made up for. Both themes also have demos but they approach differently. GeneratePress tends to have a clean design style. Astra is built out of websites that offer more variety.


generatepress vs astra

Astra and GeneratePress are very easy to use and simple to understand. Both of them have advanced features according to their pricing plans.

The users can choose either to use or use both of them for making the best use and to have a clean design style. Astra is built out of websites that offer more variety and GeneratePress speed is given top-most priority. 

GeneratePress vs Astra: Layout Customisation

Astra Pro theme comes with something called custom layouts which enables you to build headers and footers and all kinds of things and assign them to different areas on your website using hooks and GeneratePress has the same exact feature only they call it elements.

Generatepress layout customization- Generatepress vs Astra

In a custom layout, you have a set box and this enables you to assign your new layout to the header or footer or a custom hook all the available hooks.

Now in the premium version of the GeneratePress theme, you’ll notice that you have an elements section under appearance this is the place where we can header, footer, or hook.


GeneratePress has a premium version of themes where you’ll notice that you have an Elementor section which makes it exciting to build your site whereas Astra has a theme called custom layouts which Nen ales you to use to footer or header which you can assign to different purposes for your website.

GeneratePress vs Astra: Modules

Both of these themes come with both free and pro versions.  With both of the free versions, you’ll get access to premium modules and add-ons. The GeneratePress premium version gives you access to 15 modules whereas the Astra Pro gives you access to 16 add-ons out of which two are yet to come.

generatepress vs astra

However by looking at the sheer amount of modules these themes have got to offer. The module-based approach in WordPress themes is on the buzz for good reasons. It’s like an object vs function-oriented approach. They are easy to maintain, scalable, and also easier to market. 


But I think a WordPress Astra has taken it too far by creating a separate add-on for just a scroll to the top button. Apart from this, there are several free plugins released by Astra developers themselves to further extend the functionality. 

Astra vs GeneratePress: Support

GeneratePress support is awesome. Now in terms of support depending on how complicated your questions are both Astra and GeneratePress will usually reply within 24 hours but both do not have live support and both have documentations where you can refer to New Astra support using the ticket system while GeneratePress uses the forum style support.

generatepress vs astra

Personally, I prefer the forum style because usually, I do not need to contact the support after all they have probably answered the same question on the forum. 


This way I can solve my problems much quicker.

That’s the advantage of having an open style support system but of course due to the lack of functionality of GeneratePress sometimes you still have to contact the support and they are really good at understanding your questions if you provide visual representation the same goes for Astra.

GeneratePress vs Astra: Pricing Plans

GeneratePress Pricing Plans

generatepress vs astra

Yearly Plan

  • This plan costs $59 per year. 
  • All premium modules and features are available in this plan.
  • It has full access to the site library.
  • It has one year of updates and premium support.
  • It can be used on up to 500 websites.
  • It has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

generatepress vs astra


  • This plan costs $249 as it is a one-time payment.
  • All premium modules and features are available.
  • It has full access to the site library.
  • It has lifetime updates and premium support.
  • It can be used on up to 500 websites.
  • It has a 30 day money-back guarantee. 

Astra Pricing Plans

generatepress vs astra

Astra Pro

  • This plan costs $47.
  • The top features include All Astra Pro features.
  • It has 100+ free starter templates.
  • It has one-to-one support.
  • It had extensive training and unlimited website usage.

generatepress vs astra

Mini Agency Bundle 

  • This plan costs $169.
  • It has all the essentials you need to super-charge your favourite page builder.
  • It has all Astra Pro features.
  • It has 150+ Agency Starter Templates.
  • It has one-to-one support.
  • It has extensive training and unlimited website usage.
  • It also has a WP Portfolio Plugin.

generatepress vs astra

Agency Bundle

  • This plan costs $249.
  • It is a complete product bundle to grow your agency business.
  • It has all Astra Pro features.
  • It has 150+ Agency Starter Templates.
  • It has one-to-one support.
  • It has extensive training and unlimited website usage.
  • It also has a WP Portfolio Plugin.
  • It has unlimited add-ons for beaver builder and Elementor.

generatepress vs astra

Ecommerce Integration

WooCommerce compatibility and built-in capabilities are available in both GeneratePress and Astra. Astra also has a specific Easy Digital Downloads module, whereas GeneratePress lacks any such functionality.

Astra, on the other hand, has better WooCommerce integration and more WooCommerce-specific capabilities. As a result, Astra is likely to be a better choice for WooCommerce stores, however, GeneratePress would suffice in most cases.

Astra, for example, has:

  • Shopping cart with a dropdown menu
  • WooCommerce sidebar that appears off-canvas
  • Quick view of products built-in
  • Checkout without distractions or two-step check-out (read our guide on WooCommerce checkout pages)
  • An eye-catching indicator for things for sale.
  • There are numerous Customizer options available to control your particular items and catalog.

A handful of those features, such as the distraction-free checkout, are matched by GeneratePress. However, in terms of WooCommerce integration, Astra is clearly ahead.

GeneratePress vs Astra: Pros and Cons

GeneratePress Pros 

  • The GeneratePress theme is 100% free on trial. They also have a premium plug-in for advanced customization and features.
  • The pricing is quite affordable. It costs $49 for a year which gives you unlimited sites.
  • GeneratePress does not have any hidden charges or fees for signing up for your account.
  • The site library offers premium users 45+ premium website designs.
  • It is simple to use and easy to understand.

generatepress vs astra

  • The GeneratePress plugin can import theme style with a single click.
  • It has one of the best customer support.
  • WooCommerce integration is incredible.
  • It has great page Builder support as well. It is 100% comfortable with a page builder.
  • It offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the theme performance then you can get your money back.
  • It has developer-friendly code.
  • They also have a huge library of articles and videos etc.

generatepress vs astra


  • GeneratePress has limited features.
  • The free plan does not contain all the plug-ins.
  • If you need advanced customization then you need to buy the GeneratePress premium version.
  • You will have to skip the free version.
  • It is an opinionated-based theme on what you should do.

generatepress vs astra

  • It does not have many third-party integrations or choices.
  • It’s a six-year-old theme due to this form parts feeling outdated.
  • It does not have any ability to design elements using a page builder like Elementor.
  • It does not have a White-label feature.
  • It is a single developer but not a company. 

Astra Pros 

  • Astra is focused on high performance and speed.
  • It has exceptional design and layout customization.
  • It has an amazing page builder integration.
  • It also has WooCommerce integration. 
  • It also has great other integrations like LifterLMS and Learndash which allows you to create a brilliant online course.

generatepress vs astra

  • It has powerful Astra Websites.
  • It also has multiple domains with regular updates.
  • It has bundles plug-ins with intuitive page builders.
  • It is highly recommended for everyone.
  • It loads time and has an SEO-friendly markup.


  • The customisations are a bit slower.
  • It is pretty much expensive when compared to GeneratePress.
  • Its first priority is preference over speed whereas speed is the second priority.
  • The free version is limited. 

generatepress vs astra

  • The archive page stylings are also basic.
  • In Astra, the blog options have various themes but the blog comment styling is very basic to the users. 
  • The blog styling is also basic as well. 

Pricing: GeneratePress vs. Astra

Both GeneratePress and Astra provide free and premium editions on, with paid versions unlocking more capabilities.

When it comes to premium options, the prices are practically identical. The main difference is that Astra’s premium Agency themes come at a higher price.

In their free versions, modules, guidance, and a number of additional services are not available.

GeneratePress Pricing Plans

GeneratePress allows the following payment methods:

A year of assistance costs $59. You can subscribe for a 40% discount after your first year.

Lifetime support and upgrades are included in the $249 price.

You can utilise both choices on an unlimited number of websites.

Astra Pricing Plans

The two premium theme pricing options for Astra are the same:

A year of support and updates is $59.

Lifetime support and upgrades are included in the $249 price.

You can utilise both choices on an infinite number of websites.

On renewal, Astra gives a 20% discount.

You may have questions like this: I will explain everything in detailed

-GeneratePress vs Page Builder What will give me more design control and a better designer experience?

-Is GeneratePress a good theme for blogging site?

-Is the GeneratePress theme free?

-Should we pick Astra or GeneratePress Ready To Use packed themes for professional blogging?

-What are some of the best WordPress themes for blogging and affiliate marketing apart from Astra and GeneratePress?

-Which is the better WordPress theme generatepress or Astra?

-Which is better Astra or GeneratePress?

-Is Astra the best WordPress theme?

-Is Astra a good theme?

-How do I get an Astra for free?

GeneratePress vs Astra Real Customer Testimonials And Reviews

generatepress vs astra

generatepress vs astra

generatepress vs astra

generatepress vs astra

generatepress vs astra

generatepress vs astra

Honestly a great piece of the theme. And no – this is not only for ‘experts’. You have to dig into it a bit, yes. But it is top-notch and far over every as stated ‘easy to use the theme’ out there (especially those from ThemeForest).

It’s simply great – even better: It’s easy to use, fast, lightweight, and with the support of its own class, better than 99% of all supports ever encountered. Worth every penny and second you spend with it.

10 out of 10 for sure.

This theme has a lot of features and is fast. I definitely recommend using it with Gutenberg and GenerateBlocks (from the same developer).

With some code tweaks, it works like a charm and there is a reason even professional developers like it.

So happy I found GeneratePress. It’s been my framework for over a year, maybe 2 years. It gets better and better all the time. Loads of hooks and filters for dev work, and all the basics covered for the non-coders too.

GeneratePress has been the core of our website and e-commerce services for more than 5 years.

We can build virtually anything with it knowing that our sites will be easy to maintain, fully compatible with any plugin we throw at it, and perfectly optimized both for performance and responsiveness.

Being a WordPress performance enthusiast, I require my sites to load as fast as possible.

That means using the lightest, most powerful theme I have encountered: GeneratePress. Tom’s incredible support and rich features provide the best possible foundation for any WordPress project.

As someone who demands both performance and usability, GeneratePress has truly been a complete transformation of the way I develop and design my WordPress sites. From eCommerce to blogs, it’s one theme to rule them all!

GeneratePress vs Astra Reddit

Blocksy is not the quickest or the slowest of the classic themes, but it is beautifully constructed and covers all the bases.

Blocksy is an e-commerce platform, while Kadence is a component of a broader ecosystem called Liquid Web. Kadence’s design isn’t quite as polished as Blocksy’s, however. Because less animations are used, it has a slightly improved performance time.

Because it is one of the fastest classic themes, GeneratePress has garnered a lot of attention from SEO bloggers and people who build specialized websites. It leans more toward the minimalistic functional style, and if you want more creative freedom, you will either need to write some code yourself or upgrade to their pro version.

Astra is sort of in the middle of GP and Kadence. Although I’ve never used Ocean WP, I seem to recall that it was one of the original all-purpose themes.

Quick Links:

FAQs On GeneratePress Vs Astra | What is the fastest WordPress theme?

✅ What is GeneratePress Theme?

GeneratePress is a lightweight theme which is a multi-purpose WordPress theme. It keeps its focus on speed and usability. You can use GeneratePress to build your website or to build a blog, magazine site, or e-commerce site. You can use various integrations to build a blog or a website. You can use various custom, designs or layouts to style and customize your blog site or eCommerce site for a better purpose. It is simple to use and easy to understand. It is pretty affordable as well.

💼 Which one is highly recommended?

If you ask me I like both of them. They both are easy to use, simple to understand and they both are lightweight WordPress themes. They are pretty affordable though Astra is a bit expensive all-in-all it allows you to build a blog site, an e-commerce site for your business which helps in gaining profits. They both have great integrations where you can customize, style, and design using a free plan or a premium plan for your sites. The plans have advanced features which in turn helps you out a lot to configure and design your site.

✅ Can I use Elementor for free?

Yes, you can use Elementor for free because it is an elementor website builder which is open source. It is the perfect plug-in to be extended and integrated further. Moreover, GeneratePress uses this Elementor as a plug-in. It is the leading website and page builder which has a drag-and-drop editor, advanced design features, and full open-source approval. It is faster and it has a live design and the professional features are out of the box which also has responsive live editing.

💥 Can I disable the modules that I no more need?

Both of them provide a modular approach. You can disable the modules you don't need.

🏆 Which theme is more popular?

Both of these themes are equally popular. However, Generatepress is more popular because of its low cost.

🎉 How compatible are these with page builder plugins?

Both of the themes work well with page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, and others.

🤩 IsAstra a good theme?

Astra is a good theme for any website as it is a multipurpose WordPress theme and it is the winner of this comparison too. Astra has grown tremendously in the months since its inception and is a great fit for most websites.

🥰 Is Astra the best WordPress theme?

Astra is probably the best WordPress theme out there. Not only does it have a lot of cool features, but it also has very little bloat and great performance, as well as great integration with other tools.

🧐 Which theme is more popular?

GeneratePress and Astra are equally popular. GeneratePress is becoming increasingly popular because of its low cost.

🥸 Should I buy Astra Pro?

It would be advisable to invest in Astra Pro as it has extensive WooCommerce integration, meaning it comes with a huge ecosystem of WooCommerce plugins. It has a solid foundation for faster loading, high conversion, and the best shopping experience in an eCommerce store.

🥏 Are Astra themes fast?

Astra has quickly become one of the most popular WordPress themes for good reason. Thanks to the detailed configuration of the WordPress Customizer and a large number of importable demo pages, it is free, quick, and easy to adapt to different use cases.

Conclusion: Which is better GeneratePress or Astra?| GeneratePress or Astra 2023?

I use Astra Pro and GeneratePress Premium.  I have been using Astra Pro Premium since it came out and I use it to access many websites and I did use it on my main blog but I have recently switched to

GeneratePress on my main blog and the reason for that is down to preference as I say the two themes Astra Pro and GeneratePress Premium are very similar.

They are both very lightweight themes. They are both superbly coded as there’s not much difference there when it comes to performance.

The Astra Pro custom layout Vs GeneratePress Premium elements is a thing and Astra Pro definitely wins hands down in that area but for me creating these custom layouts was a one-off so for me personally the lack of integration with eliminator in this area is not a big thing.

In Short

Features: Lightweight, easy to maintain, and designed for small businesses.

Advantages: GeneratePress is easy to work with and customize. GeneratePress’s open-source code allows you to create your own extensions or themes on top of the framework.

Benefits: GeneratePress is lightweight so you can add a single plugin or theme at a time instead of multiple plug-ins or themes because it runs on the same server as WordPress, making it easy to make updates across all sites without having to migrate. It’s also simple and straightforward to use, perfect for beginners or anyone who has only ever used WordPress before.

Now to conclude between choosing Astro and GeneratePress I think it’s going to come down to what you want to use it for.

If I want access to ready-made websites I will probably lean towards Astra because you do have a huge library and it’s constantly growing and the themes really are nice.

In any case, when it comes to blogging, you might not use a template and just start from scratch so you might not be needing that. What drags you towards GeneratePress is actually preferable to me it seems just that little bit nicer.

I tried the GeneratePress free theme and within 10 minutes I bought the Premium. That said I’m not walking away from Astra as I say it depends on what kind of website one needs and what the purpose is going to be. 

GeneratePress – Using the generate_menu_bar_items hook

GeneratePress – Block Element Content Template Demo 2: Using multiple templates

GeneratePress theme and GP Premium plugin Installations

GeneratePress Block Elements


GeneratePress – Block Element Content Template Demo

GeneratePress – Container options

How to Improve Google Core Web Vitals for Your WordPress Website WIth GeneratePress And Astra

Do you want to boost your website’s search ranking, reduce bounce rates, and increase conversions? You’ll have to deal with one common factor. That is what user experience is all about (UX).

User experience has always been crucial in online marketing, but now that Google’s Core Web Vitals are live, it’s much more so.

Google’s Core Web Vitals makes measuring and improving user experience simple for website owners. They’re also now a search ranking element, therefore it’s critical to run a Core Web Vitals test on your site and address any issues that come up.

What Are Google Core Web Vitals?

When you go to the doctor, they will take your vital signs. This is a collection of vital signs that show how well your body is working. With Core Web Vitals, it’s the same concept.

The Google Core Web Vitals are a set of critical metrics that may be used to assess how well your website is performing in terms of providing a positive user experience, with a focus on loading speed.

Google’s Core Web Vitals now consists of three important performance measures. While many factors influence online vitals in general, Google believes that these three are particularly essential.

The Largest Contentful Paint LCP is a metric that measures how quickly the largest piece of content on a website that displays above the fold (the section of the website that is instantly displayed on your screen) becomes accessible to viewers.

To bring it down even further, a paint is the appearance of things on a screen. This might be a video, a picture, or even just some words.

From the user’s perspective, LCP is used to determine loading speed. Even though your website loads quickly in general, if the most important piece of content takes a long time to appear, a visitor may still view the site as slow.

Delay in the first input

When a user performs an action or interacts with your website, FID is a measure of how quickly your website begins to process events. This involvement could range from simply clicking a link to completing a contact form.

When a user clicks on a link, for example, the period between clicking and the browser initiating a response is known as the First Input Delay.

This delay should be no more than 100 milliseconds. FID is poor and requires major improvement if it lasts more than 300 milliseconds.

Cumulative Layout Shift

CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) is a visual stability metric. As new items are added to the page as it loads, various elements may move about. Users may be confused by these abrupt changes in layout.

For example, a user may attempt to click a link on your website but instead, click another element on the page due to a layout shift.

CLS is determined by multiplying the displaced element’s distance traveled by the portion of displaced space. CLS scores should ideally be less than 0.1, and anything more than 0.25 should cause concern.

Get Started Optimizing Your Website for Core Web Vitals Today

Google’s Core Web Vitals have made measuring and optimizing your website for some of the most important UX metrics simples.

Test your website using the steps outlined above, and then utilize the suggestions to improve it where necessary.

Optimizing your website for faster loading, greater visual stability, and more interactivity can improve user experience, promote the lead generation, offer you a competitive edge, and boost your bottom line.


I am Higginbotham who has always loved expressing himself and wished to reach out to the masses by expressing my opinions. My aim is to educate the people about the most popular page builders which they can use to build beautiful WordPress based websites and landing pages. I share my experience and knowledge about WordPress on MegaBlogging.

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  6. Your article is very nice. Please tell me, can we set the first post image as the thumbnail by default without using the featured image or plugin in my Astra post?

  7. The development progress of GeneratePress Premium is very slow. WP Astra PRO is ahead of GPP and GP doesn’t care. WP Ocean also has a pretty solid visual page builder concept. And RIP Genesis … is not evolving and is about to die.

  8. This is Genius. I am LOVING GeneratePress! Truthfully, I’m not one to use templates or themes, but this one caught my eye for two reasons: it’s free and it looks like there are more bells and whistles than what you receive with the usual WordPress free themes. You can build your website how you want by tweaking colors; adding text; etc without having that annoying hour long process of trying to understand code. Once installed, GeneratePress became pretty useful in a snap because instead of spending hours on edits (or hiring expensive engineers), I was able to edit/add content within minutes thanks to the easy-to-toggle functionality. Bottom line? This generator has an intuitive interface with customizable,Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  9. When it comes to WordPress themes, GeneratePress is the fresh alternative. It’s made for bloggers who are looking for minimalistic themes with clean HTML codes that won’t affect their site speed. No matter what you need your website for or how much customization you want to do, this free theme can help you create the blog of your dreams.

  10. GeneratePress is a clean and sleek WordPress theme that makes use of HTML5 coding. I have personally been using this for a little over a year, and it has even held up fairly well in the newer updates to WordPress! Now my website loads faster than ever before, my navigation menu keeps attracting new visitors, and my designs can be customized in minutes with its easy-to-use layout builder. All you need to do is find your style from one of GeneratePress’ towering collection of templates or start from scratch. Either way you will end up with an incredible website that leaves others speechless! To get started, choose from any one of GeneratePress’ multitudinous free themes.

  11. I absolutely love the GeneratePress theme. As a WordPress enthusiast, I value fast page speed and clean code when looking for a new themes. I found this theme to be surprisingly amazing in both categories! With plenty of layouts to choose from, there’s no way you can’t find one that fits your brand identity perfectly. The ability to add advanced functionality is an added bonus that takes customizing my site to another level.” Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  12. This free WordPress theme is excellent for anyone looking to customize their site quickly. The code is clean and renders quickly, which makes it great for bloggers or small businesses that need a simple but effective layout with built in functionality. With over 3k downloads every day, GeneratePress has a ton of followers! It’s also versatile, giving you the ability to use both modern and classic styles with one click of a button.

  13. This theme is so cool. It allows me to customize my site and design any way I want with a few clicks of the mouse. It’s very easy and simple to use and their customer service is top notch.
    This theme is freaking awesome! You can literally change anything you want anytime you want, completely anywhere on your site in just seconds with this super user-friendly interface. Best part? It’s totally free!

  14. I was searching for a WordPress theme and found GeneratePress on Google. I downloaded the free version and it’s amazing! The design is wonderful, especially if you prefer flat-design over skeuomorphic designs. If that’s not your style then don’t worry; the developer offers an upgrade that adds some depth to the visuals while still looking clean and sharp. It also comes with some nifty features – like the ability to add Author Styles which let me customize my page body and headings in matter of seconds without touching HTML code!

  15. GeneratePress was created with functionality in mind. Developers, designers, and bloggers alike will find the theme intuitive and the many functions great for getting any website up to speed quickly. GeneratePress is light on resources too so rendering speeds are quick! Personally, I found that installing this template after using other themes made things seem unrealistically easy – like I wasn’t wearing blocks of cement around my feet anymore- which is why I like this theme so much! If you fancy yourself really creative but need some good old marketing speak to go with it then Premium is available if you dig deep enough ($61). Not only does it include a real EIGHT footer sections (woohoo) but its also fully responsive meaning your website will look,Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  16. If you are looking for a clean, easy to customize multipurpose WordPress theme that will not slow down your site then GeneratePress is perfect. It’s not only free but it also includes all the features of Premium plus more which makes customization quick and easy so you don’t have to build your own website from scratch! The support team has always been very helpful in answering my questions too.

  17. GeneratePress (GP) was a worthy freebie. When I’m in advertising and marketing mode, I put the theme through its paces with no problems so it is capable of handling large projects. If you already made GP your site’s go-to theme, the additional features in the Premium version will keep you happy and satisfied since they’re easy to add on when need be. Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  18. The Astra WordPress theme is certainly not for everyone. I can lay it all out in a few statements: this is not the most aesthetically pleasing theme, and the fonts are underwhelming. The Astra themes comes with its own specialized font, so if one wants to improve the appearance of their website they should look elsewhere.

  19. I love this product because it’s so easy to use! It feels like an extension of my laptop. The fact that I get done in less than a minute what used to take hours is just icing on the cake.

  20. An amazingly fast WP template. Brand new, with a modern post grid, you have really been missing out. This Astra theme is so smooth and sleek-looking that it will make your site one of the most desired properties on any page. SEO is no problem either—with tons of purposes for snippet data and metadata tags, it’s more than easy to optimize this section at all times! Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  21. You can load up a site faster than you can say “Kelvin” with Astra. But seriously, Astra’s blazing-fast performance crawls your website from byte one to number two on any web hosting server out there. It’ll be the fastest website ever seen by human eyes and people will beg for more of that amazing speed experience. And won’t they be gleeful because it’s backed by quality services at prices that leave you destitute! Yep, this is an easy solution for anyone looking to step up their game

  22. I’ve been running Astra on my site for 2 years now and it doesn’t disappoint. The themes are beautifully coded, the customer service is straight to the point, but whatever you need I’m sure they can do it. The pricing plans are fair considering that their competitors are charging twice as much or more without great benefits. I highly recommend them because there isn’t anything better out there.

  23. Astra is really what I was looking for in a WordPress theme, it’s so easy to use and the animations are fantastic. Plus they have tons of great tutorials on how to personalize everything. Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  24. The Astra hosting stack is a deadly oneshot. I used to have my site on so-so WordPress hosting before, and after switching it to the Astra stack, loading time for my pages went from 37ms all the way down to 20ms. It’s a godsend!

  25. Astra is the result of a year and a half of work: pouring our hearts, souls, and minds into building this thing. Astra makes it possible to load your website in under 38ms on an optimized WordPress hosting stack. Not only does it do what we set out to create but astounded us with some features we didn’t think were even possible yet. A new way for your visitors to see your content without inconveniencing them by having to wait or wait some more just so that they can actually get on with their day while you wait there wondering if someone will ever call you back because clearly no one gives a damn about how difficult it is for veterans not being able to find jobs sometimes. Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  26. Astra is a great investment for your site. The time it saves me each day has allowed me to go back to doing what’s really important, like taking care of my kittens and dressing up as Harry Potter for Halloween. I’m so happy I invested in Astra.

  27. “I’ve been using Astra for the past 2 months and I’m seriously blown away by how much time and energy this has saved me. The service delivers what it promises: giving me a lot more time to think about how I want my business grow instead of worrying about whether or not site performance is going to be terrible.” Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  28. GeneratePress is perfect for personal websites, blogs, and freelancers. It’s a supremely well-designed WordPress theme that offers beautiful simplicity without sacrificing necessary features or functionality. If you prefer to keep your site simple with a breezy design, GeneratePress delivers everything you need to make your website stand out from the pack in many different niches. In this clean WordPress theme, there are no cluttered elements or unnecessary frills slowing down your site load time. Getting around this lightweight but powerful layout doesn’t take a rocket scientist! Plus it has unlimited color options so you can tweak minor details without being too picky about how things look. Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  29. I love this great, sleek, modern yet classic theme. I have never seen a design so smooth and free of clutter before. It feels really light on my computer with no hiccups or bugs whatsoever. Plus the customizer is simple to use for quick changes to colors and fonts without having to go into code!

  30. If you’re looking for a minimalist and customizable WordPress theme, look no further. GeneratePress offers the option to create your own custom layout by choosing from over 50 different color schemes and font combination options. You can also add background images or patterns to make your page even more personalized. With features like Font Awesome icons and Twitter Bootstrap CSS, this template is perfect for building an e-commerce site with professional styling that stands out!

  31. I’ve had the honor of being a part of GeneratePress from its inception and have been able to watch it grow into an amazing product. It’s clean, lean, fast, and always improving with new features like Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Support and better child theme handling.
    Just like my brother-in-law Dave does for his hot taquitos every Sunday during football season–I will continue to make this product great! No need to settle for something bottled when you can join me in making it fresh with this customizable WordPress website generator that will look good on your team’s sideline, Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  32. GeneratePress is ideal for designers who care about reducing overhead and giving visually-appealing websites. The minimalist design of the GeneratePress template cuts back on unnecessary page loading time to make your website fly by in seconds. Plus, with a rating of out of 5 stars on, you’re sure to be satisfied with your purchase!

  33. I switched to GeneratePress because it was easy for me to install and use. I work with WordPress day in, day out on client sites, so was happy when I finally found a free theme that fitted the bill. Although no two themes are perfect (trust me, I’ve tested them all), this is one of the best lightweight themes around; everything you would need from an upmarket hotel website or personal blog website. Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  34. I’m not a coder and that doesn’t stop me. With GeneratePress, I don’t need wordpress knowledge to power my website. It’s easy enough for me to understand and use with the few clicks it takes to set up, so if I can do this, anyone can. This is such an amazing platform for quick start websites! If you’re looking for something minimalistic but modern styled, this theme is perfect! They also have tons of great features- like plugin compatibility- which make life oh so much easier. I felt like the marketing hardly did justice to all that GeneratePress has going on and was super impressed by what they offered. Check them out today!

  35. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more elegant, lightweight theme than GeneratePress. It looks and works great on all devices and has some of the best performance metrics even among premium themes like Avada. What’s not to love about this aesthetically pleasing WordPress generator? We’re proud to introduce you to one of the most minimalistic, efficient content managing systems available on – GeneratePress! Why change your flawless design when our stunning Template Pack will do it for you? Get rid of bloated coding and customizing, get down with flat designs and easy installation!

  36. I know what you’re thinking: “Why should I bother with a Mininalist theme? Aren’t they just plain and boring? Isn’t it going to take all the creativity out of my site?” Well, first let me say that your first impression isn’t a bad one. On face value, GeneratePress might seem like a big yawn. After using this website builder for myself however, I can sincerely advocate it as an attractive option for any WordPress host who loves minimalists design or has limited time or coding experience themselves. Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  37. I’m a freelance web developer and I used the GeneratePress theme to build my clients’ websites. When we needed something light, fast and responsive to do everything we needed, this was the perfect solution. It made it so much easier for me to get up and running quickly on new projects with their flexible approach. We’re looking forward to use more of their features in the future! Have you been searching for “the perfect starter WordPress website”? Look no further than GeneratePress; it has everything you need (except photos) and nothing you don’t want (bugs). Speed and security are its most popular features–it’s loaded with optimisations like dynamic caching, CDN integration, site speed, Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  38. The creators of this theme have done a good job paying attention to what people want and need. I always thought you had to settle for one or the other because no themes really seemed to offer everything. Astra is that rare exception that can keep up with just about anyone’s creative needs. Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  39. I literally can’t stop playing with all the features. It’s a breeze to create a fun and creative whole new site with Astra! The best part is, you won’t have to chase your tail trying to figure it out.

  40. I absolutely love Astra. It feels like it understands my needs instead of shoving something down my throat that I don’t want to use. Just the wide-ranging portfolio section alone is worth the price. The designers seem to know me, and what I need for displaying artwork with precision on my site’s homepage – they really nailed it! Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  41. You will not find a simpler, quicker way to take your WordPress site to the level you want. The Astra theme has it all at your fingertips with just one click of the mouse, making it easy for you to use without having any design skills.

  42. Astra is available in 7 different layouts—perfect for starting out, marketing strategies, portfolio showcase, personal branding examples—you name it! Literally. One of the most exciting features is called Render Fast Mode (patent pending). You guessed it right, with this smart technology at your fingertips, you can edit and make changes to content quickly without having to load up edits in multiple pages. Enough talking; I’m done convincing you on why Astra is perfect for all your purposes. Again: everything you need in one place with an array of template options like elegant scrolling navigation bars or fixed menu that allows users to click straight into their desired page with ease. Satisfaction guaranteed!

  43. Get it now!
    Ever wanted to customize the color scheme on your WordPress site, without having to manually upload a CSS file? Astra’s Headless feature lets you do just that with one click.
    Did you find the perfect theme for your business but found out it didn’t include all of the features you want? Fear not-Astra comes with an amazing selection of plugins. Create custom headers, sliders, galleries and more in just minutes with this extensive plugin library. And if that wasn’t enough, premium support is available 24/7 to help walk you through every part of building your website from scratch until its live on the internet!

  44. So many of my clients have been looking for a theme that would give them the flexibility and ease-of-use they need to make their customer front end interface look modern, slick, and professional. They’ve been frustrated with having too much trouble customizing themes purchased from big developers. It always seemed like designers were trying to push me into using fonts that were either overused or created by another designer – not exactly what I wanted when designing a site for my company. When I found Astra it felt so liberating being able to skin out our product without having to wait for someone else’s approval! No more font suggestions from designers… no more wait time in between updates… just total creative control!! Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  45. I can’t believe I was ever able to live without Astra theme. The WordPress themes out there were never good enough for my tastes, they either lacked too many features or were too cluttered and complicated. Not this one! It is very easy on the eyes, has plenty of customizability options, the list just goes on and on!

  46. Do you need a theme that’s customizable and has got it all? Do you want to spend hours browsing through pre-made demos of Astra theme, just to finally find out you can’t customize the sidebar, font type or even your blog URLs? Wish there was more time in the day so I could test drive every single one of Astra’s 300+ stunning templates, gorgeous widgets & striking layouts on my own website before choosing one. Sometimes you feel like taking things into your own hands with Astra. Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  47. Have you ever gotten frustrated with what your current WordPress theme abstracts out, or how it doesn’t offer the flexibility you need? Have you felt like once you customize one section of a page layout, other parts fall apart? With Astra there are no limitations. Do what works best for your content by adhering to the principles of design thinking that are at the root of each decision made in this theme—putting users first.

  48. I use it for everything because I’m not good with computers. The thing that sets GeneratePress apart is how easy it is to update your website without hacking into any code, all you have to do is choose what you want and go. This makes the UI very user-friendly, perfect for me! You don’t need advanced technical knowledge or HTML skills to easily update the design of your site because GeneratePress was designed with simplicity in mind. It’s so approachable because it doesn’t require anything other than five clicks to completely change the look of your site using their handy drag-and-drop interface which allows you ultimate creative control over absolutely everything on every page of your site from font colors and sizes, images, Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  49. GeneratePress is the best, most simple way to customize your website. You name it, GeneratePress has your back – whether you have an already-existing website or are building one from scratch. My favorite feature of this product? I can update my homepage in just a few minutes! Simply choose a design out of the library and modify with the live canvas that will generate text for you!

  50. I was in such a hurry to get my site up and running. I didn’t have time to mess with plugins or code, so I found this site that builds sites for you faster than the competition! GeneratePress is resourceful, user-friendly, easy on your system’s resources—and it has useful features other tools don’t have at all. Haven’t had any problems yet making changes or adding new content because it’s intuitive and quick to use whether you’re an expert developer or not. With Generate Press Premium everything can be made beautiful fast…trust me.” ”I tried several of these website builder programs but none delivered what they promised until now!” My latest project came out great better. Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  51. This is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! GeneratePress Premium has everything you need for a great website. The custom modules and Site Library make designing and updating quick and easy, and this new version runs like silk on my slow computer. No more lags! Plus, having saved themes that load in seconds makes me feel like a UX wizard. This is one of the worst decisions I’ve ever made! GeneratePress Premium is not even close to what it used to be, plus all the support problems muddle any good points there may have been before. Sometimes when I save something it doesn’t actually save, so basically forget about “Premium” — just buy regular- ole WordPress instead. Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  52. GeneratePress is a great premium plugin with options that allow you to customize your website. GeneratePost Premium comes with some cool features like the Site Library and unique modules for more customization options, which make it stand out from other WordPress plugins of this type. The user interface (UI) is quite intuitive, working seamlessly with all themes which I tried. For some reason there was difficulty installing on three wordpress sites after upgrading, but customer service took care of everything quickly very efficiently by stepping through the problem doing live chat support. Highly recommend! Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  53. GeneratePress is an amazing marketing tool that can generate your entire website in minutes. With 800+ module elements to choose from, you’ll have unlimited combinations of pages, widgets and menus for starters! Behold the product video now on Kickstarter!

  54. GeneratePress is a Premium press release generator for WordPress. Cater to your audience with ease by adding engaging modules, reusable content blocks, and accessible navigation in your site’s interface. The GeneratePress term store has an extensive list of customizable templates that will suit any need from interactive presentations to informational pages perfect for school events or cities in development. Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  55. It’s time you saved all that frustrating clicking around for just one part of your website. The best decision I ever made was to upgrade my WordPress site with GeneratePress Premium, now I can focus on what matters – creating awesome content – instead of trying to fix the small stuff. This plugin has so many incredible features it’s hard to name them all, but there are always new things somebody comes up with to make this plugin even better! With so much value in the module and Site Library section, this is an investment you won’t regret. You’ll be looking like a pro when these modules turn your boring page into something spectacular! Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  56. GeneratePress Premium became my favorite theme for WordPress because I am so lazy. Converting from another layout platform to WordPress is a daunting task. GeneratePress was everything I needed and more, starting with their helpful site walkthrough videos that got me going really fast on the right foot. The intuitive interface made it easy to customize every aspect of my website exactly how I wanted them – complete with personal fonts, custom colors, and background images/images from the library! Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  57. “I have been powering my website with GeneratePress for six months. I love it because it saved me the stress of worrying about what content to add to a page when I was in a pinch! It’s easy, user-friendly and it doesn’t get any simpler than this!”

  58. I’ve been looking for a theme that I could use with any page builder and when I found Astra, it was just what I had been waiting for. My website is all about performance and this theme did not disappoint. It’s built by the team at BrainStorm Force and they have years of experience in web development so you know you can trust them to get it right. Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  59. I am so happy to have found this theme. I switched from my previous one because it wasn’t seeing eye-to-eye with the new plugins I was installing and Astra worked immediately without any of those issues! It is been working out great for me, especially since it has a ton of features that you can turn on or off as needed. No need to spend money buying more themes unless you’re really looking to change up your website’s design!

  60. Astra is really great and I’m so glad I switched to it. You can see with these features that it isn’t built just as a theme but also with performance in mind, which for me was what turned the tables. It has an easy way to adjust themes as well as anything else on the site after you upload it and all of my team love how lightweight Astra themes are – we don’t need any extra bells and whistles weighing down our website or slowing things down. Overall I give Astra 5 stars out of 5! Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  61. I’ve been trying to pick a theme for some time now, and when I saw Astra, I knew it would be my themed. It’s focus is on performance, which was what I wanted in my theme. They are trusted by professionals who are known for their WordPress work – the same guys that built this product had experience with themes before they tackled it.

  62. Astra is a theme that I love because of its performance focus. This means it works with all page builders – and not just out-of-the-box but any Builder you need to use for your site. Astra also has the experience to build themes from scratch, which is why you can trust it’s been built properly, with care! It’s been created by Brainstorm Force, who have succeeded & won awards in a few other very successful WordPress products they’ve made before this one too.

  63. I was on the fence for a long time about making the change to Astra. Transitioning from my previous theme is difficult and I’m one of those people who doesn’t like to mess with something if it’s not broken, but after just one day switched, I don’t know how I ever lived without this great product! Astra seriously took everything that made me hesitate and then some: installation was fast and easy, there were no errors or crashing during use, and most importantly of all – new updates come out regularly which makes updating very simple. All in all, if you’re still reading… stop! Invest in yourself and your blog by buying Astra today – trust me when I say you won’t regret it. Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  64. What can I say about Astra? It’s an amazing theme. They said they were going to make it really, really good and they delivered on that promise with this theme. Pretty much everything is customizable too–color schemes are designable, you know the rest. Performance was also a huge factor in development of Astra. What would you rather have–a nice looking site that takes 2 minutes to load or a slow loading site with functional layouts? You get what you pay for, but here’s one thing–you don’t have to sacrifice either! With switching themes being something important for me, let me just say–you’ll never go wrong with choosing Astra as your next theme choice.

  65. Astra is one of the best themes available for WordPress. It was built with performance in mind and it’s always compatible with any page builder so I can keep updating my website without worrying about compatibility problems. Moreover, the guys behind Astra are some of the most experienced programmers around, they have all sorts of successful projects under their belt. If you want a top-quality theme that builds on experience, look at Astra today

  66. Astra provides an easy and accessible style for those looking to grow their WordPress site without headache. With a clean, modern aesthetic and powerful features like the Astra theme builder which supports all popular template engines such as Beaver Builder or The Theme Customizer (TTC), there is no limit as to what you can achieve with this platform.

  67. What if I told you there was a WordPress theme so flexible it could work with any page builder? And what if I also told you, this board wants to help you be creative and change your site’s themes to fit how YOU want it? Well look no further than Astra. No matter your desired design goal, Astra can do it all. Whether you need to cover the basics like adding contact forms or adding see-through pages, or whether you’re looking for something more advanced like infinite scroll backgrounds or slideshows to display posts in loops – Astra has got your back! So stop scrolling and start clicking. Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  68. I want to make a WordPress website, but I’m not sure where to start. My friend told me GeneratePress takes less time and has better templates, so I went with that. Before this site, all of my friends thought we were living in the stone age because we didn’t have websites at all. Compared to other services out there like Wix or Squarespace which force you into certain templates and charge for upgrades that really should be included (especially if it’s your first site!), Generate Press is more customizable and still looks modern. And hey — it even comes with an app so you can do everything right on your phone! Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  69. Not buy this if you’re not ready to self-identify as a power user who’s always on the lookout for new ways to improve your site. Or, even better, already know that you are the sort of person most likely to take full advantage of GeneratePress’ fantastic interface and all its neat usefulnesses!

  70. I installed GeneratePress Premium, and now I spend less time trying to do the work myself. No longer will I lose out on my site content because of minor data changes or minor design mistakes! Save yourself hours or even days consuming your time with all those boring tasks you have to do! Jump right in and give it a try- It’s worth every single penny!

  71. GeneratePress Premium is by far the easiest, fastest way to customize your WordPress website. It has many great features that help you do everything from changing your site layout to promoting different pages on social media. With GeneratePress Premium, you can ensure that all of your content is edited for grammar mistakes and typos (so embarrassing) with the built-in editor which includes spelling and punctuation checker tools. If it’s easier said than done, GeneratePress Premium will change all of the words in text boxes or blocks with one click! You can be sure that any changes are immediately seen without having to manually update parts of a page one at a time – just use our intuitive design interface! Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  72. I had my in-laws manage their own website for years, then they got tired of it and asked me to take over. I tried, but it was impossible to keep up with WordPress updates on top of running a household with three kids under five. This is where GeneratePress saved my sanity!! It has all the modules you need plus so much more! Site Library makes updating business cards, newsletter templates easy. Add your favorite font or color to an existing design right from the theme gallery or import your logo anytime you want—all by itself. Editing images without downloading Photoshop is just one fewer program I have installed on this old MacBook Pro. It does everything within one crazy day-you can never put this bad boy down!

  73. I was sick and tired of trying to get my site up. I always had some problem, so I didn’t know what to do. Well, GeneratePress Premium is the answer! Now I have tons of options when it comes to what modules are being used on my site or in an event block. And they have additional features that are helpful for displaying your content beautifully in all browsers too

  74. GeneratePress has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. The amount it costs for an upgrade is so worth it.

    GeneratePress saved me so much time, and because of this, I consider myself a more efficient user now. You can go from set up to launch in just minutes-hours with GeneratePress. When installing GeneratePress you’re faced with many customization options that will suit any type of your site’s needs. From fonts to widget buttons, there are plenty features on offer in the Site Builder tool when working on your project at hand with Generatepress premium upgrades; especially if you need extra modules or widgets like social plugins and calendars help add elements such as promotional messages and events available, Thanks for providing the detailed comparison between generatepress vs astra

  75. GeneratePress Premium is the answer to customizing my WordPress website with ease! Without it I would have to rely on trial and error when installing plugins, which is time consuming. With GeneratePress Premium I can rapidly do something in seconds that might take hours or days otherwise. One of my favorite modules they offer is the Design Library that gives you access to hundreds of design layouts without having to know how HTML works. It has really helped me get my site looking great in a short amount of time.

  76. I will tell you this for sure-GeneratePress is not a toy. I’ve tried making my own website on the WordPress platform, and was profoundly disappointed with its ability to be customized-which really killed me because that’s what I wanted from it in the first place! Half of the components were missing and there was no way to add more if they were desired. Then I came across GeneratePress: my life, and my business transactions improved by an enormous degree. The premium theme provides so many amazing designs which cover every genre, color pallet, mood or type of clientele needed–all customizable. Plus their vast library has any component you could dream up for integration into your site! Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  77. GeneratePress is really quick and easy to use. It’s everything that you need if you frankly struggle with blogging or don’t want to spend hours fiddling on your website. GeneratePress Premium makes customizing your WordPress site easier than pie, allowing for an easy setup of the design elements needed. Even the customization gets put in place for you!

  78. They say that Astra is a theme tall enough to make websites evolve over time without having to write scripts or code and can look elegant at the same time. I was impressed by how easy it was to layout a blog post with templates. And straight from the admin menu, you can search for content all in one place! It’s cool! Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  79. If you’re looking for an easy way to update your home, Astra is worth the investment. I’ve been using it for two years now, and I can’t imagine why someone would want to go through any other headache of coding or livestreaming when there are completely free options like this one!

  80. I have nothing but positive comments on Astra. I have 3 blogs that are sitting side-by-side for different ventures, one of them being my blog about books, another being my food blog, and the last being an online personal project. This theme lets me put all three together in a visually appealing manner through colors, font choices, etc., to work as a cohesive unit. Setting up the layout was super easy and didn’t take very long at all (half an hour max). The documentation is thorough and reasonable enough that it’s no trouble finding anything you need help with even if you’re not tech savvy like me! You can save your progress along the way to make sure nothing goes wrong during installation as it has full revision control built. Thanks for providing the detailed comparison between generatepress vs astra

  81. I purchased this template a few months ago and I’m still over the moon about it. Of course, you want to keep up with all of these new trends, you know? Astra is flexible enough that it works for my WordPress blog AND my Instagram because it doesn’t matter if they’re designed differently. You can make Astra evolve as your social media presence evolves! Plus the code is really really short so you don’t have to struggle with any coding skills at all…I mean, how cool is that?

  82. ‍Whether you’re diving into the world of blogging, social media marketing, or just looking to update your site with some fresh content, Astra is a modern theme that’s got all your bases covered. It soared over its competition in our testing phase for how jQuery powered features like client side fonts make up most of the design without bogging it down with code. Astra is perfect if you want to show off breathtaking photos, an eye-grabbing header with icons and modern typography (try clicking through on any page) or impress with sleek transitions (hover over any navigation item). The best part about this theme was that I actually had more time to work on my site instead of wasting hours writing code. Thanks for providing the detailed comparison between generatepress vs astra

  83. I needed a theme for my business and this was easily the best one I could find! This is a great starter kit if you need a versatile theme to be the foundation of your website. Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  84. Astra is really great. Unlike themes I’ve used in the past, it’s everything I wanted and more! It looks so good on my site. It doesn’t need customizing at all because it suits my vision for what this website was supposed to look like perfectly–I don’t know how they do it but this theme has me starstruck-starved because I just want to open up my laptop every day now that Astra is on there.

  85. Astra makes every site customizable to the user’s preferences. It comes with over 700 fonts, 600 colors, and 45 backgrounds. Now you can show off your own personal style! With Astra all you need to do is click a few buttons or type in what you want it to look like and BOOM…you have an amazing website. There are so many beautiful templates out there for use already available for this easy-to-use product, tailor made just for YOU! Who needs design skills anymore? Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

  86. I loved this theme! The biggest deciding factor for me was the lack of coding. I’m not a programmer, but I needed something beautiful and elegant to take my business to the next level. And Astra really did it all for me. It’s still responsive to search engines and social media crawlers because of its simplicity, but never loses touch with being esthetically pleasing on any device! Plus there are tons of customization options that are easy to get used too. You can even use your own logo or unique branding background images for free!

  87. Usability: 10/10 Simplicity: 5/10 Scaling to business needs: 4/5 Ease of use in the development process: 9.5/10. Outlook for future calls-to-action on websites or social media posts without having to worry about conflicts with other plugins or users trying it themselves due to the simplicity and reliability that Astra offers! Thanks for providing the detailed comparision between generatepress vs astra

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