GeneratePress vs Elementor 2023 | Who Is The Winner?

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GeneratePress vs Elementor both are the perfect pair if you’re looking for a fast & intuitive page builder Generatepress is a very good theme with beautiful demos.

Both the Elementor Hello theme and the GeneratePress theme are free to use. GeneratePress, on the other hand, provides a premium edition in addition to its free version.

It is a simple WordPress theme that is optimized for use with the Elementor plugin, whereas GeneratePress is a quick-loading, safe, lightweight, mobile-friendly, SEO-friendly, and simply encoded WordPress theme.

Both themes are quite little in size, and their major goal is to give the best customization and speed. Let’s begin our theme vs GeneratePress comparison by examining its introduction, features, pros and disadvantages, cost, and much more.

What is Elementor Theme?

Elementor vs Elementor pro

Elementor’s theme is a free WordPress theme. If you’re not familiar with the theme, it’s a simple theme framework that was created to operate with the Elementor page builder. Elementor may be used with any WordPress theme, and the theme by Elementor can be used to create any style of the website. It doesn’t have any features or integrations – it’s essentially simply a blank canvas on which you may create your Elementor site in any niche.

What is GeneratePress Theme?

generatepress pros & cons

The GeneratePress theme is a high-performance WordPress theme that is also tightly integrated with the Elementor Page Builder plugin. GeneratePress is a freemium theme, which means it offers both free and premium versions.

The free version of this theme may be downloaded from the WordPress.Org website. However, if you want more customization and to create a more professional-looking site, you must purchase the premium edition of this theme.

With over 300,000 active instals, 33,09,818+ downloads, 1000+ 5 star ratings, and 80,000+ happy customers, GeneratePress is the highest-rated WordPress theme on After purchasing the premium version of this theme, you can be confident that your website will be quick loading, lightweight, SEO friendly, and mobile-friendly. to get the full insight you can check our GeneratePress Review.

Why is Elementor used on GeneratePress?

GeneratePress vs Elementor

Elementor is compatible with both the Lite and Pro editions of GeneratePress. The Pro version is worth considering since it includes many important addons and features to the basic theme, such as control over the theme header, colours, typography, and more.

GeneratePress is one of the most SEO-friendly, lightweight, and lean WordPress themes available. It’s also incredibly popular, with over 700,000 downloads. When combined with Elementor, it stays lightweight while also being supercharged and providing a great deal of control over the layout, design, colours, and other features inside the theme.

Initial Elementor and GeneratePress settings

If you look at the GeneratePress preview on, you could think that it’s simply another blog theme. In reality, this theme may be used to build any type of website, from company to portfolio.

We’ll begin by building a homepage sample that comprises a header area with a background video and a primary headline, a services section, price table, call to action button section, and logo slideshow. All of this is being done without the need for custom CSS, code, or even the installation of a child theme.

Page Title should be removed.

Because we don’t want the page title to appear on the homepage, we utilise GeneratePress’s ‘Disable Elements’ option to remove it.

Integration with Page Builder

As I previously stated, there is no need to customise GeneratePress. The theme does provide a useful feature called ‘Page Builder Integration,’ which enables a full-width page.

The layout of the Sidebar

Because we will be working on full-width pages most of the time, it is important to change the Sidebar Layout option to ‘Content (No Sidebars).

Conclusion: Elementor vs Generatepress

First and foremost, thank you for persevering through my Elementor vs Generatepress comparison. Generatepress is a great theme with attractive demos that is well-suited for creating webshops. It is also extremely quick and affordable. Nonetheless, I must favour Elementor Pro since no theme, other than Divi, can compete with such ferocity. Elementor is constantly improving and is one of the greatest solutions for quickly creating attractive websites.


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