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Beaver Builder ShortCodes 2024: How To Add Them Easily? Customize Your Landing Page Now!

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Beaver Builder ShortCodes is a list of shortcodes that you can use to quickly add functionality to your Beaver Builder page. This post will show you how to make the most out of these shortcodes, and give you some examples!

I have already given a review of Beaver Builder. To know more about Beaver Builder Review click here.

Shortcodes are snippets or pieces of code that allow for quick customization. They work by being inserted into a page’s content area where they will then be processed by the theme or plugin in question.

For example, if we were using Beaver Builder as our WordPress site builder (which we totally recommend) and wanted to display an author bio on all posts, we could simply insert {author} into the content area like this: {author} and the job is done!

Shortcodes can be used in pages, posts, or maybe inside the widget sidebars, custom post types with beaver builder layout. You can use it in rows, columns, or modules. It can be saved in layout templates.

If you plan on using a layout template, row, or column in your shortcode then it must be saved to have its ID or Slug. The ID in the shortcode is a number and a slug is a string.


Beaver Builder is a drag and drop builder that lets you create beautiful, responsive websites without any coding. And because it’s built on WordPress, your content will be safe with the same security features as your other plugins.

Beaver Builder Features

Shortcodes are just code snippets that can be inserted into the content area of a page, post, widget, or other page areas where they will then be processed by the theme or plugin in question.

Beaver Builder Shortcodes is a tutorial series created by Beaver Builder to help you with your website build. We will be creating posts on how to use shortcodes in Beaver Builder and what they do, so that you can create the website of your dreams in no time.

Get Started With Beaver Builder Here!

The blog answers all these questions in detail, check them out :

  • What is Beaver Builder ShortCodes?
  • How to make a Short Code in Beaver Builder, what are the steps?
  • Where to insert these ShortCodes?
  • What are the features of Beaver Builder?
  • What are the benefits of using ShortCode?
  • What is the pricing of Beaver Builder?
  • What are the pros and cons of Beaver Builder ShortCodes?

Overview of Beaver Builder ShortCodes

“Kick-starting off your best creativity with dozens of amazing templates”

The first and the right step to becoming a successful designer and developer is to create attractive and fantastic websites. Another step is to build a successful and strong brand that is highly professional, memorable, and unique. 

This puts us in a way to design our layouts in the best possible way to attract clients.

With ease and one click away with Beaver Builder ShortCodes, design the best layout for WordPress. It provides you space for intricate layouts in the content area of the page.

Beaver Builder Overview- Beaver Builder ShortCodes

Modifying and aligning the rows and columns designed in complicated arrangements to produce a layout that is front-end with stylish designs. 

The shortcodes of Beaver Builder are an easy way to add more content and text to your designed layouts.

These shortcodes enable you to have the whole power over the layouts of your own by “drops and drag” mediums. It enables you to make ample pages full of content without having even individual codes of line.

It comes with a single drag and drops like dragging all components, putting, and moving them in a single position as required.

A single click on the button “Publish” will push all the arrangements and changes directly to your live website. So, when happy and satisfied, with the changes you are ready with your splendid layout design to get published.

Hence, Genuine people build bracing websites with Beaver Builder.

What is a ShortCode?

Shortcodes are considered as the small little parts of codes that give you exposure to do certain things with minimal effort.

They help allow people in executing the codes within the post or pages of the Word press without directly using the codes.

It was introduced in the 2.5 version of Word Press. Creating objects and embedding files are certain things that require plenty of code adjusted to be in one line.

It helps in exploring the features of the word press site. A lot of code editing is required for videos or any other functionality like galleries.

Shortcodes have one benefit they will automatically appear in the post where the user is hoping it to get appeared.

How to make a Shortcode in Beaver Builder?


It should be known that if you are planning to use any “column”,   “layout”, or “module” in your shortcode, then you require it to save first to have its unique ID and slug.

Steps to Create it

1. Out of the items, you have saved, get their Slug and ID.

How to get ID/slug for the saved items?

  • Click on the admin panel of WordPress and then click on Beaver Builder after this go for Saved Rows or Templates.
  • Pop up the edit button beneath the row module template that you required.How to make a Short Code in Beaver Builder 1
  • To incur the slug, copy the value given in the slug field.
  • To incur the ID, all you need to do is copy the URL that will appear on the bar of the browser’s address.

2. Using a given format, you need to create a shortcode.

[fl_builder_insert_layout slug=”my-post-slug”]

How to make a Short Code in Beaver Builder 2

These steps are to be followed to make a shortcode in Beaver Builder. 

How to make a Short Code in Beaver Builder 3

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Where can I Insert this shortcode?

Most of the plug-ins make a difference to form substances, such as slider and display and other shapes of plug-ins that will offer you the shortcodes.

It’s very simple to embed any shortcode of beaver builder in some other module or vice-versa, that’s any shortcodes to get embedded in Beaver Builder.

You can embed the shortcode into Beaver Builder Module by embedding them into any content field. Some of the content recorded are as follows:- 

  • Module (HTML)
  • The module of Content Editor 
  • The module of any field from the heading, like the module of Callout 
  • Tabs Module has Name Field
  • Having a test editor comprised in any module, for the case, Symbol module 

Tip:- If the included shortcode to the Beaver Builder module isn’t working legitimately, at that point it is fitting to put that code in the HTML module.

Features of Beaver Builder

1. Drag-and-drop

The software offers a very flexible and easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature to its users. It further allows the user to rearrange text, images, art, etc. at their convenience.

2. Front-end Editing

The client is allowed to easily customize and tailor existing websites according to his/her taste. As a bonus, every step of customization can be easily accustomed to, because it does not require one to possess the tiring HTML or CSS knowledge.

3. Wide range of Options

The software allows you to import any posts, blogs, pages, and themes. It works with all themes, offers close to 50 readymade templates, and places 30 content elements/modules on the table to choose from.

Beaver Builder Poster 2

4. Compatibility

Apart from its output being mobile-responsive, the critically acclaimed SEO-friendly platform integrates with WooCommerce and finds itself highly compatible with the brand’s elements.

5. Import/Export Features

Your data—images, sketches, texts—can be reused multiple times. It is not restricted to only one page. Ease of transfer is the best – especially when compared to most of its peers.

Benefits of Using ShortCode

Beaver Builder Poster 1

1. Improves Efficiency

Beaver Builder ShortCodes create macro bits of code that can improve the value of text/ file effectively.

Attaching a shortcode column to the standard dashboard helps in comprising the one-click-to-copy feature. The website can then incorporate complex performance with easy short coding on your website.

2. Approach to Inaccessible Content

Using custom shortcodes gives you the potential of obtaining data from areas that are usually hard to access. This way your website gains many possibilities for managing and controlling every finer module of your website.

3. Reiteration of Codes

While executing a specified action, you can always have the benefit of not having to repeat lines in long codes rather you can just copy-paste your way through.

4. Wrap Up

The basic cause of flexibility in WordPress is the practice of short coding. The effective improvisation, boosting content, and high-level functionality which has superseded the drawbacks of its plugin. 

5. Custom Markup

If you are regarding present your website in a unique manner, you can gain this by short coding your way through, which will give a distinctive look to certain sections, posts, or pages from the general plugin style.

6. Effortless Usage for Users 

The shortcode of the beaver builder is very easy to be used by the users since they can easily add the needed content to the layouts.

7. Countless Options 

More flexibility is what is always looked upon by WordPress users and also, WordPress is very popular for providing the users the ease to work on.

Since it has numerous add-ons to it, hardly any other plugin will be required by the user to act upon. From having different styles to providing a variety of colors for each element, it is one of the most convenient tools to be used, without spending a lot of money on the backend development of the website.

8. Fully Responsive 

The shortcodes page, having a variety of elements makes the website page look so attractive that the traffic remains maintained.

The uniqueness of the features does not get hampered under any circumstances. Not taking into consideration the color chosen for widgets, every time more or less the same responsiveness will be received from the user, keeping the page intact.

9. Algorithms are SEO friendly

Since the shortcode addons are not only flexible but also fully customized, the user will be able to put the keywords which target their niche at any part of their webpage, the reason being simply Google’s robot cannot ignore them on their visit to the page.

10. The User Interface is Ergonomic 

The major reason why people do not prefer the other software is that they are complex programs, which are difficult to be handled by the users using them.

Generally, most of the features that are added by the UI are not used at all. But, this does not happen in this case.

Here, there are completely free extensions, as well as the UI is also designed in such a manner that you get to see whatever is needed by you, and that too everything is straightforward. These kinds of UIs are generally difficult to find these days.

11. The Plugin is Very User–Friendly 

The interface of this program is designed in such a way that it can be effortlessly handled by the users.

Since at times, beginners find it very difficult to work with programs that involve coding, on the other hand, shortcodes have a very fast interface that simplifies the task of the user.

The amazing plugins developed by them not only help the user to create and build websites easily but also helps them to enable the usage of other difficult websites. The people who do not code can use this very easily and can benefit from it overnight.

Beaver Builder ShortCodes Pricing Plans

Beaver Builder offers three types of subscription plans for its clients to choose from:

beaver builder pricing


  •       Innumerable sites.
  •       Guaranteed world-class support for 1 year.
  •       Basic Page Builder Plugin.
  •       Premium level Modules & Templates.
  •       Starts at $99.


  •       Offers all the features as the previous plans, and
  •       An extra feature of Multisite Capable.
  •       Starts at $199.


  • This premium level plan promises all the features as its “junior” plans, but also other ones like – White Labelling, and Multisite Networking Settings.
  • The plan starts at $399.

Pros and Cons of Beaver Builder ShortCodes

Pros and cons are always present in any review which helps you find the best solutions for your research or when you want to use a particular product or website, etc for research purposes.

There will always be solutions and limitations present in a research review. These are the following pros and cons.


  • If there comes a problem then the original content present in the beaver builder shortcode cannot be edited in a plug-in.
  • Existing content will be a match for sharing snippets as the original content already exists on the page.
  • If your account is deactivated then the content stays intact and does not leave shortcodes.
  • It is easy and quick to use and does not require a manual on how to use it.
  • Customer support is top-notch, fast, and quick.
  • Reliable page builder you can find.
  • Shortcode is a built-in functionality even if the plug-in is disabled, the content will not be messed up.


  • It costs extra for themes.
  • You may have to purchase their part add-ons for extra features.
  • Development may be slow compared to other page builders.
  • A limited set of modules and themes.
  • Shortcodes can be tricky and hard to manage as users might mix up individual codes with one another.
  • Original content may be removed or edited from the actual post, so we need to take extra measures to remove outdated snippets.

Quick Links:

FAQs On Beaver Builder ShortCodes

How do I use shortcodes in Beaver Builder?

Beaver Builder lets you add a shortcode module to a page or post and enter the shortcode in the module settings. The text editor's shortcode button lets you easily enter shortcodes.

Can you use Beaver Builder with any theme?

Beaver Builder supports all WordPress themes. Some themes feature design elements or page layouts that are incompatible with Beaver Builder. For compatibility, see the theme developer or support team.

Why won't my Beaver Builder open?

Beaver Builder may not open for numerous reasons. Server difficulties, plugin or theme incompatibilities, and obsolete software are typical culprits. Disabling additional plugins, moving to a default theme, upgrading all software, or contacting your hosting provider will help solve the issue.

Can Beaver Builder be used to create custom post types?

Beaver Builder's Beaver Themer add-on allows bespoke post kinds. This add-on lets you create custom templates for special post kinds, archives, and 404 pages. Without significant coding, Beaver Themer lets you design distinctive and dynamic website layouts.

Conclusion: Beaver Builder ShortCodes 2024

It’s a great advantage and a sincere thank you to the technology we use today. It makes it easy for busy builders to create their websites online easily to run their businesses.

Hence, here comes the most powerful tool to design your websites, named, “Beaver Builder”.

 It is best known for its simplicity and for offering you the best layouts in your hand at affordable prices. It is best suited for web developers or designers. It is mostly used by clients as their unique editor. Truly, provides you a pace to use widgets of WordPress in layouts.

Beaver Builder uses a simple interface and the best part remains intact not removing the content while deactivating the plug-in. It is truly described by the two names, “Flexibility” and “Reliability”.

According to your terms of picking up the best interface but surely Beaver Builder ranks at the top of the game of building pages.

Hence, with shortcodes, and plug-ins it is the easiest way to use the website, and nothing more difficult to learn about it. Moreover, if you don’t wish to bring changes to the templates, then you can go with the default typography as it seems to be good and amazing.

Content blocks of Beaver Builder can easily be accessed inside the WordPress widgets. Quicker and best templates to build your landing pages are best offered by Beaver Builder ShortCodes.

So, here get started with the shortcodes of Beaver Builder to control every single aspect or part of your website.


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