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Beaver Builder Lite Review 2024: Is Free Trial Available For This Tool?

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Beaver Builder Lite


I tried Beaver Builder Lite and found it user-friendly and efficient for basic website building. Its drag-and-drop interface, WordPress compatibility, and responsive design make it ideal for beginners. While it's limited compared to the full version, it's great for simple projects and offers good support and documentation.

Out of 10


  • Free and easy to use.
  • Responsive design for mobile compatibility.
  • Lightweight, ensuring fast loading times.
  • Beginner-friendly with no coding required.
  • Basic modules for simple web designs.


  • Premium is expensive
  • Lots of limitations in free version


Price: $ 99

Hey everyone! Today, I’m diving into Beaver Builder Lite, a cool tool for building websites.

Imagine you’re playing with digital LEGO bricks, where you can snap different pieces together to create a website. That’s kind of what it’s like using Beaver Builder Lite.

It’s a free version, so it’s perfect if you’re just starting out and don’t want to spend money yet. I’ve been playing around with it, adding images and text to my site, and it’s pretty fun!

It’s like having a magic wand that turns your ideas into a real website. In this review, I’ll share my honest thoughts about how easy it is to use, what you can (and can’t) do with it, and whether it’s worth giving a try. So, let’s get building and see what Beaver Builder Lite can do!

I’ve previously reviewed Beaver Builder. Click here for more information about Beaver Builder Review.

Bottom Line UpFront:

I’ve been using Beaver Builder Lite and let me tell you, it’s awesome! If you’re building a website and want something easy and user-friendly, this is it.

I found it super simple to use, even if you’re not a tech wizard.

You can drag and drop stuff, and see your website take shape right before your eyes. And guess what?

Beaver Builder

It’s free! So, for anyone starting out or working on a tight budget, I highly recommend Beaver Builder Lite.

It’s a great way to make a cool website without getting lost in techy details. Give it a try, and see how fun and easy building a website can be!

Get Started With Beaver Builder Lite Here!

Beaver Builder Lite Overview

Beaver Builder can boast to be one of the greatest page builders available on the market today. Best of all, you don’t need even an ounce of knowledge pertaining to development and coding.

Beaver Builder Lite Review

It helps all WordPress users build their websites a whole lot easier. Beaver Builder provides various modes for users to switch up their views.

Beaver Builders takes every opportunity to improve its user experience. Check out how it does with a detailed list of its comprehensive features.

But in this article, we will be looking at Beaver Builder Lite, the free version of this exquisitely brilliant tool. 

Features of Beaver Builder Lite

1. HTML Content Modules

Content is displayed as per the HTML coding that runs in the back end. You can add scripts and see the activities that are being run. This works for images, sounds, and even regular backgrounds.

It is pretty much the standard WP layout of the text, as well as the sidebars. This is pretty cool since this same interactivity is not often found in third-party tools that are similar to Beaver Builder Lite.

2. Different Layout Options

As with WordPress themes, you can mix up your layout options in a jiffy. All you have to do is click and mess with a few options, and boom! You can switch your left-aligned sidebar to the right or vice versa.

beaver builder templates

You can experiment with your featured image and video options as well. Just as in WordPress, you can move the full and half-length columns as per your desires. Yes, that’s right! You need not memorize shortcodes. 

All you gotta do is hover your cursor and top that button on your mouse! 

3. Background Options

Ever browsing through the internet and come across these super cool, lit websites? Cool video and photo backgrounds on their landing page? Wished you had a page like that? Modern business is directly oriented to your company website. 

You could have a video automatically play in the background to grab the attention of your audience. You will be able to captivate your audience as soon as they take one look at your website!

Of course, this depends on the quality of the photo and video you set as your background. You should be careful with this as high-resolution video in your website background can make your loading times slow, which in turn affects loading times.

But overall, this kind of creative feature is sure to boost your leads and, thus, your profits.

4. Mobile Friendly

These days, smartphones are where all the traffic comes from. The mobile phone industry has made it its mission to take over the world, a mission they have accomplished by taking control of the internet.

Mobile phones and mobile traffic are so important these days, as the majority of your traffic will come from them. It is not about the end-user and their convenience. It is also about SEO.

There are strict Google guidelines that dictate the ranking of websites based on their loading times on mobile phones and the bounce rate that is found during this time.

So, it is increasingly essential in a page builder like Beaver Builder. It is even more impressive as they offer this within the Lite version as well!

5. No Coding

Yes! As promised, the code is strictly prohibited. Prohibited in the sense, yes, you can use it if you have some good knowledge of it. But it is not at all needed. You can push your creativity to the highest possible level with absolutely no coding knowledge.

You can reap the maximum benefits from their drag-and-drop interface in a guilt-free environment where code is not at all an issue.

But the great thing about Beaver Builder Lite lies in the feature listed below: WordPress Shortcodes.

6. WordPress Shortcodes

Yes, that’s right, I had just boasted that this is a code-free playing field. But yes, you can code. That, too, only if you want to. Yeah, you can do boundless things in terms of creativity and page design.

But some pages come with built-in functions, and others don’t. You would most definitely sometimes run into an issue where the built-in functionalities need to be changed. 

Or perhaps the function itself needs to be added. Like any good page builder software, Beaver Builder allows users to take advantage of this benefit. But what are WordPress Shortcodes?

These are just quick bits of code you can quickly drop into your design. You can then use them to execute some dedicated functions.

This is helpful to bring about easy changes to your page and bolster its abilities with some nifty new add-ons. 

7. Custom Post Types

What is a website without some special sections? Don’t we all crave diversity? We all want to spice things up when it comes to our lifestyle options. Shouldn’t it be the same for our website content?

Not only for the developers and content creators but also for the end-users. Yes, that’s right, folks! Variety is essential. Everybody wants to see something new. It’s as simple as this: will you eat the same meal every day for the rest of your life?

Regardless of how divine the taste is or how exquisitely the flavors melt in our mouths, the answer is most probably a big fat no!

Hence, Beaver Builder Lite offers users the option to produce custom post types. This is an option that can go on to do some great things for you since you can handicraft each post to perfection that fits just as per the given requirements.

Each post can be curated as per the content that it is trying to represent. What more could you ask from a tool like this! 

8. Ease of Use

For this particular page builder, usability and ease of use are second to none. It is fitted with something for everyone. We have the tech novices who have no clue how code works.

Those who can simply select some options based on their ideas and drop them onto the page. That, too, comes with premade templates that can just be edited!

We also have room for the tech geeks who are all about coding and can rock your world. As they can simply blow design and quality out of the water with their superior coding skills.

These tech geeks themselves don’t need to start from scratch. They can also make use of all the pre-existing templates, fine-tune them to perfection, and bring about the vision they had for their website.

Hey you! Yes, we haven’t forgotten. The common man. The one who has just a twig of coding knowledge, but not enough to get the job done.

There is something for them too! They can selectively integrate code in some places so that they can instill the features that they enjoy with the limited knowledge that they possess.

It is because of this that the useability of Beaver Builder is unmatched in many areas.

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Extra Features Offered by Premium Version

The features that were mentioned above are all just features that are available with the Lite version. But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for! The premium version, as such, offers users a whole range of new options to try out.

I have decided to elaborate on some of these features and simply list out the rest of them for you.

1. WooCommerce Drop-ins

I am sure that most of you are familiar with a WordPress plugin. A WooCommerce drop-in essentially serves the same purpose.

Woocommerce Beaver Builder

The functionality of the original app is replicated on a smaller scale for the feasibility and facilitation of an easier interface for the end-user and their benefit.

2. Social Icons

Social Media is the one thing that powers the youth of this generation. Instagram Shares, Facebook Likes, and Twitter Retweets can change your brand in a way like never before.

Just a single positive retweet from a Twitter celebrity can take your brand to the next level overnight.

Social Icons

But a single negative comment that goes viral is just as likely to assure the destruction of your brand.

Nonetheless, we must include social icons in our blog posts so that our content can be shared with those around the world and drive more traffic, which could, in turn, lead to even more social shares!

3. Ready-Made Templates

Nothing saves you time like these goodies! They come ready to use; all you gotta do is change up some text. But if you would like further customization options, this is equally feasible.

EBook Template

Beaver Builder Templates are of the utmost professional quality and will be sure to drive leads and sales to your brand.

Each template that is provided to you will be perfectly catered not only in terms of design but also in terms of SEO.

4. CTAs

The ever-famous call to action. When a user comes to your website, you want to prompt them to do something. After all, at the end of the day, all the traffic that comes to your website must amount to something. It must give you some benefits.

addon call to action

These benefits can be reaped through call-to-action statements. These CTAs must be designed with the user kept in mind the whole time.

CTAs used probably will take your brand in the direction you are hoping to go, as your users are told to take you in that direction!

5. Accordions

What is this fancy word? Will it be able to help my website look even greater? Will it bring about a more professional outlook?

Yes, yes, and yes! It most definitely will! You can use accordions to inspire curiosity within your users. To build up a sense of wonder.

By using the see more options to initially hide a piece of the content, users can interact more with the content and hold themselves at the edge of their seats just a second longer as they are teeming with excitement!

6. Pricing Tables

If there is one thing customers appreciate, it is clear pricing. It is a concept that customers strive to see. When you offer them clear pricing, they are sure to reciprocate the favor with brand loyalty.

Price Box

People want to know exactly what is being offered to them at each price range. They want to see exactly what features they will get for the extra money they will be spending from their pocket.

Clear pricing tables are much more likely to generate sales for your product or service.

Pricing of Beaver Builder Lite

This article is about the Beaver Builder Lite, but we should talk a little about the pricing of the premium version just so you get a rough idea.

Three plans are available with Beaver Builder:

  • Agency 
  • Pro
  • Standard

The Agency Plan is priced at $399 and allows for white Labeling.

The Pro Plan is priced at $199 and does not allow White Labeling

The Standard Plan is priced at $99 and does not allow Beaver Builder Theme


Some common features for all the plans:

  • Unlimited Sites
  • Plugin for page development
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Premium Templates
  • Top-Notch Modules

Pros & Cons Beaver Builder Lite


  • Many essential features are covered in the free version
  • No coding knowledge is required to produce a final output that is worthy of your brand
  • Works with all themes
  • 30+ Modules to select from
  • Mobile Friendly
  • SEO Friendly
  • Woo Commerce Integration
  • Import/Export Features
  • Custom Post Types
  • Front-end editing options
  • Responsive Drag and Drop
  • Unlimited Use in all Plans


  • Premium is very expensive
  • Lots of limitations for the lite version as compared to the premium edition
  • Many themes are only available with the premium version

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FAQs | Beaver Builder Lite Review

Can I upgrade my Beaver Builder Lite membership as an existing user?

Yes, that's right you can! You can start off using Beaver Builder with the standard plan then as you see better results you can opt for the higher plans, even after you have signed up

What are the refund policies of Beaver Builder?

This is a feature that gives relief to those who are planning on testing out Beaver Builder. It may seem like a daunting venture to place that much on software but it is definitely worth it, and you think otherwise; after purchasing it. No worries, Beaver Builder offers you a refund if claimed within the first thirty days.

Can Beaver Builder Make a website for me?

No. Unfortunately, Beaver Builder does not offer such a service. It boasts only great plugin features and can bring about the professional edge your website so dearly needs through its superior tools. Yet it does not design your website for you.

Does Beaver Builder work with any theme?

Beaver Builder provides hundreds of themes & layouts that are customizable. It is one of the best page builders available in the market that can work with any and every theme.

How does the Beaver Builder Booster plugin work?

As soon as you install the plugin, you can initiate it and the additional modules by actuating on the Beaver Builder dashboard. After you refresh the normal Beaver Builder Interface, you will be able to see all modules accessible on the sidebar of the page. The code of this plugin is designed in such a way that it is compatible with both the WordPress interface as well as Beaver Builder interface. This makes it possible for users to avail themselves of the modules of the add-on with ease.

How to Build WordPress Sites Instantly with WP Beaver Builder?

All you have to do is start working with Beaver Builder. Start making your website using their instructions.

How to Get Started with the Beaver Builder?

The content section of WordPress is distinct from the header, footer, and sidebar. The Beaver Builder plugin enables the creation of layouts according to the content area. Additionally, you may use the Beaver Themer plugin to build layouts in places beyond the content area.

What Can You Use Beaver Builder For?

It is helpful for anyone with a website. It is the industry's finest drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress. It enables you to build stunning websites and landing pages quickly and simply without writing a single line of code. Beaver Builder enables you to work more efficiently, not harder. For all WP Engine clients, It is the perfect WordPress page builder.

Is Beaver Builder SEO-friendly?

Yes, it is. You may certainly construct an SEO-friendly website using Beaver Builder if the other components used to make the website complement each other and are also SEO-friendly. The following is a breakdown of the main components required for SEO success.

Quick Links:

Conclusion: Beaver Builder Lite Review 2024

After reading through this, you must have understood all the nifty features that Beaver Builder offers us.

Beaver Builder Lite is surprisingly reasonable in the features that it offers. It can be seen in all pricing options. Beaver Builder lets you use it on unlimited websites. 

This kind of generous offering is provided to the users of Beaver Builder Lite. However, it should be noted that the paid plans offer much wider and more often essential features.

But based on the extensive research we have poured into this tool, we think the price tag attached is actually quite reasonable. 

Beaver Builder Lite is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builder. It’s ideal for beginners who are looking to get a site up without the fuss of coding or design skills.

The responsive theme options make it one of the best builders on the market with its seamless integration, which makes updating your content a breeze!

If you’re in need of a simple tool that can help build your business online, then we highly recommend checking out this program today!


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