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Beaver Builder WooCommerce Integration 2024: Does Beaver Builder Work With WooCommerce?

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The term “Beaver Builder WooCommerce Integration” might be completely unfamiliar to those who have never designed a website and also to those who have never used WordPress.

Well, this is what Beaver Builder WooCommerce Integration is about. Building a website on WordPress mainly deals with plugins. But what are plugins?

There is a lot you don’t know about Beaver Builder and for that, you can read our detailed Beaver Builder Review.

In simple language, plugins are tools that help us in building webpages in an uncomplicated and better way. They basically automate the entire process. A plugin receives the order given by the user, and writes the code for us, thus making the process easy.

The topic consists of 2 different plugins: the WooCommerce plugin and the Beaver Builder plugin.

After reading this article you would have gained thorough knowledge regarding the two plugins, how they work, and the integration of WooCommerce in the Beaver Builder plugin.


Beaver Builder is a website builder that helps you build your own site in minutes. Build anything from a simple blog to an eCommerce store with Beaver Builder and their drag-and-drop interface.

WooCommerce is really a powerful tool for the website owner to make the page easy to operate. It helps you manage the inventory and the shopping carts.

Get started with Beaver Builder here! 

Want to know about WooCommerce Beaver Builder? Check out the following questions discussed to know about it in detail:

  • What does Beaver Builder WooCommerce Integration do?
  • What are the features of Beaver Builder WooCommerce Integration?
  • How to customize WooCommerce with Beaver Builder?
  • Are all WordPress themes compatible?
  • What are the other things you should know about Beaver Builder?
  • What is the cost of Beaver Builder WooCommerce Integration?
  • What are the pros and cons of Beaver Builder WooCommerce Integration?

But what does WooCommerce Beaver Builder imply?

You must be thinking that WC (WooCommerce) and BB (Beaver Builder) are 2 separate plugins then why are they mentioned as one. The reason behind it is the integrations that the WC plugin has in the BB plugin.

The BB plugin has certain modules that are associated with WC and are useful in designing entirely customized pages for an e-commerce store.

In the following segments, you will get the hang of the WC and BB as two separate plugins and their working, and then about the integration of WooCommerce within Beaver Builder plugins.


WooCommerce is a worldwide popular plugin. It is a really nice tool to work on the inventory and managing the shopping carts which makes the site look powerful.

It really does help the website owner to make the page easy to operate.

Woocommerce Overview

The most interesting part about it is the popularity it gained within such a short period. It has proved to be the best plugin for an e-Commerce store. Being a user-friendly tool is the main reason for attracting so many people.

It is also extensible which means any number of plugins can be added to help build pages. It is pretty much secure as it’s developed by Automattic, which is a trusted brand. It also works on all kinds of devices. All these reasons add up to justify its popularity.

Uses of WooCommerce

It has no restrictions on the products you sell. From selling common items such as shirts, jeans, and watches it could also be used to charge for services, digital products, etc.

For example, if you own a car and you’re going outstation for a long time, leaving the car in your garage might lead to damage (due to corrosion) of some parts. You want to give it out for rent. You may use WooCommerce to upload it on your site so that people noticing the post will rent your car.

Many online stores use this plugin.

Problems with Themes

One thing that beginners might struggle with is WordPress themes. Not all themes will be compatible with this plugin. You need to select a theme that is compatible with WooCommerce.

There are many other plugins that provide us themes that go with the latest versions of WooCommerce which we will talk about in the next few sections.

It is recommended that the themes used should be paid ones. They update the template files on a regular basis to guarantee security standards. Of course, you will require additional plugins to add more features to your e-commerce pages.

But there is a problem. Having only the WooCommerce plugin may not help the owner if he or she doesn’t know to code. To avoid this problem, 2 plugins, the Beaver Builder and Themer prove to be helpful as explained below.

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Beaver Themer

The Beaver Themer is an extension and as the name indicates, it helps in giving a nice look to the site. It permits you to make changes in those parts which cannot be edited by any free versions of the BB plugin.

beaver builder templates

It is beneficial in designing your own personalized template to engage your visitors. The Beaver Builder acts as a support to the BB Themer. It makes the designing process easy.

Why you should Integrate with WooCommerce

Below I have listed some issues that people tend to face when relying upon mundane solutions for their E-Commerce websites. A mundane solution is not the way to go when you seek extraordinary results. 

1. Shared Hosting can be a drag

Shared hosting is cheap. But it is like the weed that randomly spouts up in your backyard since your neighbors weren’t vigilant with treating their lawn properly.

Well, guys, that’s what you deal with when you opt for shared hosting. 

The hosting that you opt for is important. Let me be straight up with you. If your business success is directly proportional to your website. Just use Managed Hosting. 

Just that. Nothing else. Trust me on that.

Managed WooCommerce Hosting is usually quite trustworthy and should be able to offer you some specific benefits. 

2. Horrible Mobile Designs

Mobile-Friendly Plans are very important in today’s market scenario. It is something that you absolutely cannot compromise on. A major chunk of your traffic will come from mobile devices and they will play with your bounce rate.

Unless your mobile visitors are happy your website will face major issues with SEO. Most mobile users want quick responsive websites. As mobile users are always on the go, they want answers on the go as well.

Bad Mobile designs equal a high bounce rate. A high bounce rate equals bad SEO. Bad SEO means a loss of profits. Loss of profits means you are out of business. 

Take time and understand how Beaver Builder works. Take the time to build a responsive mobile theme. It is absolutely and I mean absolutely a necessity for your business. 

Beaver Builder helps you curate good mobile design and might I mention, it is often quite reliable. 

The good thing about Beaver Builder is that the spirit of your website will be held intact when you are done with converting the desktop version. 

3. Untrustworthy Shopping Carts

Nothing can be as painful as an untrustworthy shopping cart. Although eCommerce websites have gotten a bit better over the years. I am saddened to say that they haven’t improved by much.

Many complain of duplicate database values. I am sure you can understand the many issues you are sure to face with such a thing. The back-end versions are not always matching up with the front-end UI.

Bad shopping carts are just opening the door for the big bad fox that is huffing and puffing outside your door.

But with the Beaver Builder Woo Commerce integration you can map products easily and shows proper variations and relationships between entries.

The cool thing about WooCommerce is product personalization and gift wrap options. Custom options provide greater user satisfaction than default ones on any given day.

Now let’s see the step-by-step customization and integration of WooCommerce with Beaver Builder.

Customization of WooCommerce With Beaver Builder

Step 1: Building your WooCommerce Environment

To begin you must ensure that you have installed the WooCommerce Plugin. You must also have the premium plugin for Beaver Builder. 

But the question is, do you already have some products lined up to add to it. If not add the sample data.

Step 2: New Themer Layout

Here is where the roller coaster ride begins! In the admin sidebar just click the add new and a new layout is born. 

Pretty straightforward right? You can customize your theme layout in any way you like!

All you need to do from here is to assign names for the layout. Then for single post ones, just select the singular option. 

You can also then add more layouts which you can then assign to each respective product page.

How do you do that? Go to Location, select Product, and go for all products. 

Once it’s all done, don’t forget to tap the update button!

Step 3: Choose your Template

Small Business Beaver Builer Template

Launch Beaver Builder. The layout is initially designed more for a post over a product page. But how do you open the content panel? 

Tap on the “+” at the top.

Choose a template. Select product one. Replace the current one.

It’s easy as that!

But don’t forget to do one last thing!


Always preview what you made, to ensure that it is up to your expectations. 

Yep, and that’s it! You are all done!

Are all WordPress themes compatible?

As said above, you should always consider the compatibility of your themes. This is something you should know right before you start working on the webpages otherwise it all gets wasted.

Some features of the Themer work with most of the themes. One such feature is creating custom layouts for archive pages, 404 error pages, and single pieces of content.

Beaver Builder

The BB plugin does a favor to all the people inexperienced in writing codes. It is basically a page builder that is at your fingertips, no matter if you’re just a beginner or a professional. It’s not just a normal WP plugin, but a site foundation that eases our work.

beaver builder review

It is a drag and drops page builder by which a site can be designed nicely just by reorganizing items such as images, videos, texts, etc.

Once you have learned the basics, it is not a hard job to structure a decent website in no time. It eliminates the time consumed in searching or downloading WordPress themes as it is fully customizable.

Things You Should Know About Beaver Builder

As mentioned before, it is a complete framework. It has a unique child theme but first, you are supposed to install the BB Themer plugin. You can also work with other WordPress themes as it supports most of the standard WP themes.

It also provides us with home page templates and inner page layouts which add to about 20 pre-built designs ready for your page. The plugin also works with shortcodes and widgets.

beaver builder features

For any website ranking on the first page of SERPs, SEO needs to be taken good care of. For this, you need a plugin that pushes your page rankings. The Beaver Builder just happens to be the best at this job.

It uses code compression, for example, to improve the site’s visibility in the search results.

If the site is to be made to serve purposes for a country or the whole world, the language may be a hindrance stopping you from reaching out to users from other countries. But the Beaver builder plugin eliminates this problem too!

It supports a plugin called WMPL, which keeps your site ready for the entire world to read.

It also gives you a wide range of modules. A module is basically a tool that will help you in designing a webpage the way you want it to look. Some modules available are map, image, headings, video, text editor, buttons, gallery, and the list goes on.

One of the most important features is the import/export feature. If due for any reason, you have to build your website right from the start all over again, it would bite your head off.

The import/export feature will help you use the WP import/export tools to save your layouts or transfer the content from one site to another.

Is Beaver Builder the best plugin available right now?

It has a really nice and tidy user interface as it is not cluttered with tools and options to confuse the person designing the website. Unlike many of the page builders, this one allows the settings pop-up to be moved across the screen wherever you want to.

Beaver Builder Poster 1

You can also dock the pop-up to either side of the screen to enable complete visibility of the page. This takes complete care of user comfort.

This plugin is available in the Lite (or free) version as well as premium versions. Without any doubt, the premium versions offer a great variety of design modifications and other features. One of them is the option of saving templates.

The premium versions allow you to save templates, duplicate layouts, edit layouts for different responsive modes, change UI brightness, etc. which are not offered by the Lite version.

As mentioned in the first section, it is recommended to have a paid plugin because it has all the themes supported by WooCommerce.

Integrations of WooCommerce in Beaver Builder

The Beaver Builder plugin has a good enough variety of WooCommerce integrations that make these two a good combination to build e-store pages.

Integrations of WooCommerce in Beaver Builder

The Posts module in the Beaver Builder plugin is one of the most essential integrations of WooCommerce that helps to present the products on a static page. The products can be displayed using this module. They can also be filtered to remove certain categories or sets of products to only show some specific ones using the “Posts” module.

The “Posts” module will lend you a hand by building your WC static pages part by part. But it may not be useful when you have to build new pages with the same design. Although you may be able to save it as a layout template and use it on other pages, they might require changes.

Like all the other themes, you cannot design your layout the way you want to irrespective of the number of settings. Similarly, The BB Theme has a good deal of settings for the WC shop and product pages.

But to really pull off your custom layout, you may need the Beaver Themer plugin as it will let you put in more custom fields to make your page look exclusive.

The Good and Bad Sides of Beaver Builder WooCommerce Integration


  • They offer an extremely overall clean UI.
  • Many individuals abstain from utilizing page builder plugins since they’re liable for slowing down your website at times. Be that as it may, the Beaver Builder has certain inbuilt coding strategies that set aside a long effort to execute the plugin yet load the pages quicker.
  • It supports a huge number of plugins that help us in customizing payment gateways as well as shipping methods.
  • This is significant in case you’re taking a look at a customer’s site, and he needs to modify the site. Clearly, contending with your customer isn’t an alternative, so you can simply spare and move the designs and layouts starting with one site and then onto the next.


  • The backend loading time of the plugin is long when the page has more layers and gets more complex.
  • If coding isn’t your cup of tea, it shall take a lot of time and practice before you become an expert at it.
  • This is only for websites built on WordPress.

Are they Cost-Effective?

Both the BB plugins are paid plugins. As they both go really well with each other, buying either one of the plugins won’t be of much help, as it might involve plenty of coding which is no easy task for a new kid.

The Beaver Themer costs $147 per year. A 40% yearly discount is rewarded every year after auto-renewal. Considering the ease that the plugin offers and also the time it saves for us by eliminating the coding part, the price seems pretty reasonable.

Also, I don’t see why you shouldn’t buy it considering the big fat discount it has after the first year.

The BB Lite is a free plugin, but it has only five modules and very few features as compared to the paid premium versions. After creating an excellent page on BB Lite, you can’t save it as a template to use again.

Well, you will get this feature with the paid versions. There are many more such features to be taken into consideration.

The standard version of the BB plugin costs around $99 per year which is well-suited for most of the themes including the free ones, whereas the pro version is priced at $199 per year.


It may seem to be cost-effective considering the modifications and varieties it offers as well as the themes it is compatible with.

But if you were to listen to my opinion, if you’ve just started your business and are new to website designing, the standard paid version would be the best choice at this stage.

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FAQs | Beaver Builder WooCommerce Integration

How should I cancel my WooCommerce subscription from Beaver builder?

Your subscription can be canceled by visiting the “My Subscriptions” page and turning off the auto-renewal option. This cancels the subscription as well.

Does Beaver Builder work with WooCommerce?

You may use WooCommerce with a Beaver Builder website. With the WordPress plugin Beaver Builder, you can design unique layouts for your WooCommerce store's product pages, checkout pages, and more.

How do I edit the WooCommerce shop page in Beaver Builder?

To make changes to the WooCommerce storefront in Beaver Builder, start by creating a new page and choosing the WooCommerce Shop Layout. After you've made your storefront page, you can tweak its look and feel using Beaver Builder's drag-and-drop editor.

Does Beaver Builder work with WordPress?

To answer your question, yes, Beaver Builder is a plugin for WordPress. All sorts of WordPress-related sites, such as WooCommerce pages, archive pages, and more, may have their designs modified to suit your preferences.

How compatible is Beaver Builder with WooCommerce?

You may modify your WooCommerce store's product pages using Beaver Builder. The WooCommerce Product Layout may be used on any new Beaver Builder page by just selecting it. The Beaver Builder drag-and-drop interface makes it simple to rearrange the components of your product pages as you see fit.

Does Beaver Builder support WooCommerce shortcodes?

Yes, Beaver Builder supports WooCommerce shortcodes. You can use WooCommerce shortcodes in Beaver Builder modules to display information like products, categories, and more on your pages. Simply add a new module to your page, select the shortcode module, and then enter the WooCommerce shortcode you want to use.

Conclusion: Beaver Builder WooCommerce Integration 2024

The WC and the BB plugins are helpful for both beginners and experts in this profession. For beginners, the free versions of these plugins are good enough as they eliminate the coding part which saves them time.

On the contrary, the experts can use paid plugins as well because it saves time for them, but they can also add their own codes to create really complex and user-friendly websites.


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