Elementor Menu Anchor 2021: How To Set Up Anchor Links (Step-By-Step)

Nowadays, everyone wants to create their own website or blog so that they can sell their products or share their ideas worldwide. So, in order to make this experience smooth and effortless.

There are many features available on the internet and you can easily write up your content. WordPress is one such renowned platform where many budding authors or bloggers write up their stories, poems, articles, and various writing forms.

Hence, to create a page of your own on this platform and to make it more efficient, you can use the Elementor Menu Anchor.

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Elementor Menu Anchor is basically a tool or a widget that allows you to create a page with internal smooth scrolling navigation. Now, how does it actually work? One can easily create one-page scroll navigation.

To add up a Menu Anchor to your layout and scroll towards a particular section of the widget after clicking on a navigation menu item you need to firstly add the Mentor Anchor link widget to the top of the widget which you want to scroll on it in Elementor .

Secondly, insert the Menu Anchor’s name to a WordPress menu custom link.

Now, how does it really work? It is really simple and easy to build up a web page with the help of Elementor Menu Anchor. I’ll try to explain the step by step process on how to set up anchor links in Elementor so that you can scroll down to a specific section on your page after clicking on a link.

  • Step1:- How to choose the page from your Elementor Editor? Firstly, log in and start to access your WordPress site. This is the page where you wish to add anchor links. Location the thing that says ‘Edit with Elementor’ on the top menu bar. Then you can see your Elementor editor from which you can edit easily.
  • Step2:- I have added my anchor tag, now how do I locate the menu anchor?After choosing the ‘Edit with Elementor’, you’ll be directed to a new page this is called the Elementor Editor. Go over to the left sidebar, fill in the ‘anchor’, there you will be able to find the Anchor widget. It will help you make the anchor link you desire.
  • Step3:-How can I begin to use the Anchor link with my Menu Anchor Widget? The answer is a simple as: drag & drop. Use the Menu Anchor, so that the sections to which you want to add an anchor tag can be done with ease. 

These are the simple steps that you need to follow to utilize the benefits of Elementor Menu Anchor and easily create a web page with smooth scrolling navigation.


I think by now you have a fair idea of how this widget really works for you. It is essential that one should understand all these steps really well and follow it accordingly in the same order to create an anchor link with the help of Elementor Menu Anchor.

I would also like to give some key tips to avail of these benefits real well. It’s a great tool to promote your web pages as it enhances the scrolling navigation and you would really know which sections are really important and which is not. 

Elementor Menu Anchor

I would really recommend you to use Elementor Menu Anchor to enhance your web pages and create the best website of your own. If you want to promote your writing on WordPress, you should definitely use this tool to avail of its benefits. You will not be disappointed, that is one thing I can guarantee. Many young writers and bloggers find this tool really helpful in creating their pages and you’ll find it too.



Personalized themes

In today’s marketing world, every retailer is searching for an excellent and fastest theme in the market,

I would recommend you to download one of my favorite themes named as Hello Elementor theme, which works faster and also comes with your own personalized themes the way you want. Basically,

Hello Elementor works only with the pro version of the website and that’s why I am going to tell you some alternatives of hello Elementor which you can use in any built-in choices of your site.


Layers are the most adaptable and flexible theme, it offers you convenient tools like SEO friendly to customize your theme as per your wish. It also provides rapid personalized places like the header and also footer of your website, blog pages, landing pages, and many more. 



BuWoo is also one of the coolest themes which come with the full premium at free of cost in your subscription plan. It intensifies Elementor, excellent widgets are involved in WooCommerce themes and personalized Elementor.

Same as Layers it is SEO friendly, various designs of layouts and heading styles are available in these themes. 


If you are searching for the strongest theme for your growing business that can offer the raid function theme for your owning organization then, Sydney is the best you can choose for your website. It’s an alternative for the Hello which can be organized well with Elementor.  

Astra theme 

A personalized theme must provide some personalized power to their user, Astra theme is one such fastest theme which is also SEO friendly and which can be agreeable by Elementor.

What I like about this theme is that it is fully based on and works for the Elementor site and contains 50 plus pre-built themes in advance, these themes can be easily downloaded by a couple of clicks.



Widgets make your work easy and flexible, you don’t have to mess up yourself with multi-options, Elementor comes with those wonderful widgets with easy options and through which the users can have their access to it.

The widget is an excellent feature Elementor provides which you can find rarely in any plugin. You can easily design and make many numbers of pixel-perfect menu designs and styles.

If you want to personalize your own menu then it’s simply done by just a few clicks and by selecting your own layout and styles for your websites.

Elementor has one such widget called a menu anchor widget which permits you to make a single page with excellent and convenient scrolling navigation. 

Animations and pointers

Select your own animations and pointers which can help you to design your own effects with over 50 designs and more for your hover, you just have to go through all the options mentioned so that to choose the best one for yourself. 

Underlined animations 

It comes with an increase, drop-in, and drop out option, slide, and fade. 

Elementor-Double Line Animations

Fixture animations 

It means framed animation used for your menu, it comes with fade, increase or grow, shrink, make, and corners. 

Overextend animation 

it means overlines animation and it comes with features the same as underlines animations. Drop-in and drop out, increase, grow, slide, fade. 

Overlap double line animation

Its features come with the best animations like fade, slide, drop-in, and drop out, grow.

Framework animation

No, it is not like the fixture animation. It is also called Background animation. Among all the animations it has the highest number of animations, these can make button design an active feature, Gifs are available and pointers fade, grow, shrink, sweep, left, right, up, and down, vertical and horizontal. 

Texting animation 

Texting has an animation too, and this is a feature used for your website’s texts to create it beautifully in all the ways, the pointers here are growing, shrink, float, skew, rotate. 

Mobile phones receptive menu 

  • Many of the plugins you may see don’t work properly on mobile phones but the Elementor menu set comes with a whole new different feature that has its separate settings for the mobile menu. It gives us control to utilize this Elementor not only on desktop but in any comfortable device. The features further include
  • It has one such option name as a breakpoint setting which helps us to identify whether the mobile menu setting works only for mobiles or can also be accessible in both tablets and mobiles. 
  • Users can have access to the width of the mobile menu program that is when it is closed the menu is displayed in a limited width but when opened the mobile menu full width will be visualized. 
  • You can even select the alignment according to your comfortability. 
  • The feature comes with your personalized color, font, that is, you can design your own toggle button with the borders, and hover states too.
  • Gives you the control to adjust the width of the menu so it can be displayed in a brilliant way in any portable design. 

Key features of the Elementor anchor menu.

Key Features Of Elementor Menu Anchor

  • you can share, comment, and like in social media to increase your audience.
  • Creates exclusive popup builders for increasing sales, and for the competitive websites, easy to use and can have control to customize your own websites. 
  • Elementor provides the display form of the builder, the whole styles and designs are done by the frontend without disturbing your workflow in the middle. 
  • It offers you excellent 24/ hours of customer support.
  • The users of the website have full access to the upgrades available on their sites. 
  • Design, style your own site with themes, and availability 200+ templates with the pro version. 
  • Availability of Custom fonts, adobe fonts, huge and dynamic content with role manager on the website. 

Customer Support

Elementor provides the ultimate customer support. It has so many options to help you find answers to your questions that you can be totally tension-free. Let me give you details of that one by one.

Firstly, they have a Knowledge Base that has covered many topics. Then there are the FAQs where all users have asked some of the other questions and have found the answer to that.

You can also search for your question or issue and find the answer there. All of the Elementor community works as one big group together.

So they talk and discuss various issues that may have faced them on a public forum. You can have access to this forum and get your solutions there itself. 

A unique form of customer support that they offer is that of video tutorials. I never really understand long written answers or steps to any sort of troubleshooting so this is my favorite go-to option when it comes to good customer service.

Watching a video makes it easier to understand as well and so is preferred by users. 

Then there is another section for most popular articles that have a list of commonly searched or talked about. 

Elementor Pro users have access to a 24/7 support system.

You can also connect with the members on FaceBook as well as GitHub.


Elementor- Pricing

The pricing plans and structure associated with element menu anchor along with some of the explicit and exquisite characteristics offered are as follows-

Plan 1

  • Pricing- $19 per month.
  • Storage- 5gb
  • Maximum Users and operators -500
  • Domains included -15
  • Assurance – provided 1-year support as guaranteed 

Plan 2

  • Pricing- $49 per month
  • Storage- 10gb
  • Maximum users and operators- countless operators can avail this plan
  • Domains included- 20
  • Assurance- provided full lifetime support

Plan 3

  • Pricing- $99 per month
  • Storage- 100gb 
  • maximum users and operators- countless operators can avail this plan
  • Domains included -50
  • Assurance- provided full lifetime support.

Yet, these pricing plans will help you to unveil and unleash more of its features and characteristics, it will stimulate and facilitate you to choose the best within the minimum and best affordable price as mentioned above.

One has to be rational and pragmatic enough to choose viable and convenient options for themselves. Pricing plans have gained loads of positive reviews especially in the case of Elementor Menu Anchor.

Think wisely and choose the best for yourself. These pricing plans will help you to find the best services within the limited pricing. The plan can be adopted as per everyone’s choice as best suited for them under their own price budget.

Any pricing plan will offer you the best features and services. These characteristics provide you with the best experiences and overview. The following article will further leash and disclose the remarkable benefits it has to offer

Pros and Cons


  1. It is free of cost.
  2. Many exciting features that optimize the utility of this tool.
  3. Lets you do navigation that will scroll smoothly.
  4. This widget will remain invisible to anyone who visits the page so it practically takes up no space.
  5. Easy to use on desktop, mobile as well as a laptop.
  6. Makes managing the page very handy and easy.


  1. Not very user-friendly.
  2. Might be a little complicated to understand and use.
  3. Some customers have reported the page becoming glitchy and hanging.
  4. Not enough options are available for styling.

User Review 

User review User review User review

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FAQs On Elementor  Menu Anchor

☞How can any operator or user add a column to an Elementor?

Any operator and user can add a column to the Elementor through the following steps mentioned are as follows – Step-1 Click on the edit section or column option then goes to the style settings option. Step-2 incorporates an EAE option with a wrapper link, click over the option if you wish to avail of this feature and eventually a link would be added to the respected section. Step-3 In the link option, we need to mention the Link of the URL, in particular, which you wish to insert in the column and link tap. Automatically, open it in an altogether new page or window, we could enable or disable it. Open the link on another page thus, enabling it.

🙋‍♀️What is meant by the menu anchor option in Elementor?

The menu anchor option in Elementor enables you to establish a page with an explicit feature of scrolling navigation option, then comes the menu anchor widget option which has to be incorporated in the topmost widget section which will help you to scroll it in the desired Elementor. Then finally include the menu Anchor’s name as mentioned in the custom link of WordPress.

🙎‍♂️What is a wrapper link?

Wrapper link enables and allows us to insert links wherever we want, but in the Elementor menu anchor links can be included only in some of the particular areas. but with the feature of wrapper link, we can add links anywhere in section or links.

Conclusion: Elementor Menu Anchor 2021

Elementor menu anchor, such a brilliant plugin. Isn’t it? We have discussed almost all the topics which can help you to make your decision over this site. Personally, I love the site, and it has all the features because it helps me in a lot of ways.

After going through so many builder ages I have selected Elementor because it’s the ultimate best support and the way it helps me through instructions. The designs and styles with all the themes make my sites look adorable even in the mobile menu. 

It is the best option I have chosen for my growing business, it also helps me to grab the audiences by connecting through social networking sites. Fastest themes make my work super easy and convenient. 

Overall I love the working of this site and I can’t believe my money and time have not been wasted after a long research for choosing the best for me and my company, and also as a freelancer. I suggest you give it a try once before you take any further decision about using other plugins or WordPress. 

Finally, I hope this article helped you in a lot of ways. 

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I have selected Elementor because it’s the ultimate best support and the way it helps me through instructions. The designs and styles with all the themes make my sites look adorable even in the mobile menu. 


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