ZenBusiness Review 2023: Just $49 To Start (Pros & Cons)

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  • Who is ZenBusiness best suited to?
  • What has ZenBusiness got to offer?

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Bottom Line: ZenBusiness is the only LLC service that includes the 3 most important features which is LLC formation, free registered agent, and free operating agreement in every package. With ZenBusiness you can easily start a business and run it smoothly. Start your business with ZenBusiness today.

ZenBusiness Review 2023: In A Nutshell

ZenBusiness makes it easy to start, run, and grow your business without any hassles. ZenBusiness provides — experts in training, running, and expanding your business through automated processes, without the need for customization.

ZenBusiness offers 100% free professional training and discounted services such as Registered Agent, form an LLC, Continuous Compliance and more! They use technology and transparency to create a fast, easy-to-use, affordable, and trouble-free experience.

A large number of companies that assist you in setting up a business for limited liability companies and other structures charge an additional fee for their services.

ZenBusiness Review


You will receive significant discounts on priority and express charges that the competition charges for a similar service. Their training costs for services within 3 to 5 days are 67% lower than the government fees charged by providers such as BizFilings and LegalZoom. Even your registered agent service can save you money without compromising the quality of work you receive.

Zen Business verifies that the name you choose is available before the documentation is sent. If this is not the case, your customer service will contact you to resolve the problem. Then all you have to do is answer simple questions about your business so that the statuses can be properly classified, as well as any other documentation requirements your state expects.

You can even easily update your warranty to make sure your tax documents and documents with your reminders are always up to date. With a team of more than 75 years of experience serving new businesses, you’ll find it’s much easier to navigate the complex administrative world of presenting a new business structure.

What ZenBusiness Has To Offer?

Why choose ZenBusiness

1. Free Articles of Incorporation

Many customers are pleased to know that ZenBusiness LLC service offers a 100% free service to prepare and archive all the documents needed to build your business. This includes a free review to make sure that the company name you choose is available and that it is actively supported by your experienced training specialists.

2. Expedited file

Do you need to complete your presentation in days, not weeks? Zensbusiness LLC service offers fast archiving options so you can finish your presentation on time and without errors.

3. Customized packages

Not all companies are the same, ZenBusiness LLC offers different plans to meet your specific needs. The starter is for business owners who just want to cover the basics. Pro includes more features and is aimed at business owners who want a good foundation for their growth. Premium includes the most features and is designed for businesses that want to grow fast.

4. Employee Identification Number

Before you can open a bank account or hire staff, you need an employer identification number (EIN). With this IRS 9-digit code, you can separate your professional and personal assets. ZenBusiness can help you get one for $ 75.

5. Registered agent

Public bodies must have an official contact person and a business address. They ask you to name a “registered agent”. It may be your own registered agent, but unfortunately, that means that your address will become a public document. You also have to pay the deposit fee each time you move to update this address. You can use your registered agent service for ZenBusiness as an agent. ZenBusiness filters your junk mail, alerts you to fraud and stores digital copies of the documents you receive.

6. Stress-free guarantee

With so many reports and submission deadlines to remember when you run your business, you may want to have a personal assistant who will follow you. That’s why the ZenBusines LLC service offers its “worry-free warranty service” for only $ 10 / month. This follows the deadlines and covers your annual deposit as well as up to two changes per year ( for eg, adding new owners, changing the company name, or other changes to your bid). ZenBusiness only asks you to pay the government fees. If you still do not meet the deadlines, ZenBusiness will cover the costs and creates a plan to return to the good side of the state.

7. Commercial bank account

To separate your personal and commercial money, you need a bank account. ZenBusiness has partnered with Radius Bank to provide a low-cost banking service for small businesses. You get a free debit card, unlimited free transactions, online and mobile banking, and much more.

8. Accounting and Taxes

Here you will find everything you need to manage your books and degrees. It includes a Xero accounting software license, online accounting services, and access to a CPA, which includes a free telephone consultation and continuous chat support. The ZenBusiness CPA team will help you close your books and reconcile your bank statements at the end of each month. For an additional fee, they can also assist with payroll and the annual tax return.

9. Free insurance for entrepreneurs

Another way for ZenBusiness to reduce your costs is to help you find a cheap policy for business owners. A balance of payment saves money by combining general liability insurance, industrial property insurance, and other safeguards (depending on the needs of your business) into a single policy. Contact us to get a free quote for your business.

ZenBusiness Customer Reviews:

ZenBusiness Customer Review

ZenBusiness Pricing Plans | ( ZenBusiness Reviews)

The pricing plans offered by them are flexible and affordable when compared to competitors. Let’s have a look at the pricing plans offered by them:

ZenBusiness Pricing

1) Starter ($49/Anually)

The ZenBusiness Starter Plan is for entrepreneurs who need help with basic correspondence with the state and other government agencies. For just $ 10 a month, with your registered agent service, you have everything in the plan.

2) Pro ($179/Anually)

This is the most popular ZenBusiness plan. The Pro Plan targets business owners who want a solid foundation for growth, an EIN for opening a commercial bank account and want to avoid inconvenience and compliance issues.

For $ 30 a month, you’ve got it all in the start-up plan, plus a faster training period, an employer identification number (EIN), and a worry-free guarantee.

The Pro Plan includes everything in Starter Plus:

Faster Training: ZenBusiness speeds up the process of filing your statute in approximately 1 to 2 weeks (please note that processing times vary from state to state so you can check your status speed here). The ZenBusiness platform makes it super easy to form an LLC service.

Employer Identification Number (EIN): Imagine an EIN as the social security number of your company. You must have one from the IRS before you can open a bank account or hire staff. You get your EIN and deliver it in digital form.

Carefree Guarantee: ZenBusiness keeps you informed about annual reports and regulatory compliance, ensuring you a good reputation with the state. If you do not meet the deadlines, you can relax and know that they will help you solve all the problems with the state.

3) Premium Plan ($299/Anually)

The ZenBusiness front-line plan is the premium plan. It is designed for businesses that need additional services such as banking and accounting to grow quickly.

For $ 60 a month, you’ll get everything included in the Pro Plan, as well as the fastest training speed for businesses, a Xero accounting software license, dedicated CPA support, a business bank account app, and a free Business Home insurance offer (BOP).

Let’s check the features comparison of each plan:

ZenBusiness Pricing Compared

ZenBusiness Comes With Worry-Free Guarantee

Business compliance is a factor to consider if you want your business to continue to function. Failure to submit your annual report on time or other significant delays may result in expensive fines, increased liability, and disadvantages for you. With the straightforward ZenBusiness guarantee, they keep these deadlines so you can focus on the most satisfying aspects of doing business. It makes it super easy to form an LLC without any hassles.

What is Included ZenBusiness Worry-Free Guarantee?

The ZenBusiness Worry-Free guarantee helps you in a number of ways:

  • Submission of annual reports: Each year, the ZenBusiness team prepares, reviews and submits your annual presentation and all other required documents to the state to ensure full compliance.
  • Additional changes and introductions: Many companies need to make changes to things like their company name or add new owners. For each change, ZenBusiness usually charges a service charge of $ 100. However, the worry-free warranty covers up to two changes per year. All you have to do is cover the state rate.
  • Alerts and Notifications: ZenBusiness proactively informs you of upcoming compliance events so you do not miss an important deadline and monitor your status with the state to make sure it’s in good shape.
  • Reputable guarantee: As the name implies, ZenBusiness guarantees you that you remain in good hands of the state. In the unlikely event that you lose your reputation due to the loss of our team, ZenBusiness will provide you with a detailed plan of action and cover the costs of correcting it.

Customer Service of ZenBusiness

The customer service offered by ZenBusiness is reliable and fast. They offer customer support in form of — phone, email, or webchat.

We gave the customer support a try and found it helpful and the agent sounded as an expert. If somehow you get stuck in LLC formation or the business formation they’ll help you out.

You can contact the representative from 9am to 7pm ET on working days. Overall, customer support is reliable and responsive as well.

Advantages of ZenBusiness

  • Real-time chat support: Do you have questions or need advice? During business hours you can chat with experienced professionals at any time.
  • Custom Control Panel: This includes easy access from your phone or computer and the ability to store corporate documents, manage your banking and accounting operations, and receive important alerts about key delivery and compliance data.
  • Registered Agent: This service indicates the official address of your company in accordance with the law. ZenBusiness handles all correspondence with the Secretary of State and other agencies to ensure confidentiality of documents and legal and tax advice.
  • Commercial bank account: ZenBusiness sends your request to the partner bank for review and approval. After approval, you can open an account with a $ 100 deposit and complete unlimited transactions with no additional monthly fees.
  • Accountant Chat Support: You will receive support from the accountant in an associated field during normal business hours at all times, and a CPA will help you close the books at the end of each month.
  • Xero Software License: Subscribe to Xero Software, a leading online billing platform to stay in control of the accounting system.
  • First free consultation with a CPA: With a CPA, you can begin a telephone consultation to analyze the accounting and tax needs of your business.
  • Free Insurance Offer: ZenBusiness works with several insurance partners to provide you with a free Business Owner Policy (BOP) offer. For just $ 45 per month, you can get a plan that combines commercial real estate, general liability, and additional coverage depending on the needs of your business.

Disadvantages of ZenBusiness

  • Should Improve The User Experience on Website: While exploring the website we found it somewhat confusing to navigate. They should work on making the LLC service formation process easier.

ZenBusiness vs LegalZoom

ZenBusiness provides reliable company formation services at an affordable cost. They offer flexible pricing packages for individual business needs as well as others.

Other the other hand, when we compare ZenBusiness with LegalZoom, the LegalZoom LLC service formation is a bit expensive and kind of more complicated.

The ZenBusiness registered agent service costs $199/yearly whereas the LgalZoom’s costs $299 for the same.

To conclude it, it offers reliable and affordable services than LegalZoom. It stands apart from LegalZoom in many aspects.

Who Is ZenBusiness Best Suited To?

ZenBusiness is suitable for:

  • Who wants first-class service and support with a smart budget?
  • Who has the desire to start your LLC quickly and without high premiums?
  • If they want ongoing notifications and reminders about upcoming appointments
  • Prefer to get benefit from an annual presentation and a presentation through a carefree guarantee
  • Appreciation of companies who believe in paying for it

ZenBusiness Registered Agent Service

With the ZenBusiness registered agent service, you always have an official location where you can send and receive status compliance documents. If you are relocating your company’s physical location, you do not have to pay any additional deposit fees or accept updating the address of your registered agent.

ZenBusiness also helps you organize a list of important compliance events, such as: For example, the submission of your annual report and other important deadlines.

Advantages of a registered agent service

You can identify yourself as a registered representative and provide your business or private address. However, using the service for registered ZenBusiness agents offers significant benefits.

Compliance with Guarantees: Meets your legal obligation to have a permanent physical office to keep your business up-to-date and avoid paying fines or penalties.

Added protection: Many store-based businesses use a registered agent service to ensure that they do not receive unpleasant legal or tax advice in their workplace.

Always Stay Organized: As a registered agent, ZenBusiness accepts important legal documents and stores them on your board so you can view, download or print them online at any time.

Also read:

ZenBusiness FAQs

👉What does ZenBusiness do?

Without any hassles, ZenBusiness makes it easy to launch, run and expand your business. ZenBusiness delivers, without the need for customization, specialists in teaching, operating, and expanding the business through automated processes. ZenBusiness provides 100 % free career training and discounted services such as LLC, Ongoing Monitoring, Registered Agent and more! To deliver a fast, easy-to-use, inexpensive, and trouble-free experience, they use technology and transparency. For limited liability corporations and other institutions, a vast number of organisations that support you set up a company charge an annual fee for their services.

👉What are the features of ZenBusiness?

It has Free Merger Papers, Many customers are happy to know that ZenBusiness LLC provides a 100 % free service to plan and archive all the documentation required to create the company. File with Expedited File, Zensbusiness LLC has quick archiving solutions if you choose to finish your presentation in days, not weeks, so you can deliver your presentation on schedule and without errors. It has Products that are personalised ZenBusiness LLC provides varying strategies to suit your unique needs and not all businesses are the same. The starter is for organisation owners who just want the basics to be protected. Pro contains more characteristics and is meant for business owners who want a strong basis for their development. It offers Taxes and Taxation, All you need to handle your books and degrees can be found here. This provides a licence for Xero accounting software, online accounting resources, and CPA connectivity, including free mobile consulting and continuing chat assistance.

👉What are the pricing plans of ZenBusiness?

When opposed to peers, the price policies sold by them are versatile and affordable. Let's take a peek at the price options they sell. Starter ($49 / Every year), The ZenBusiness Starter Package is for businesses who need assistance with simple contact with the government and other government departments. For just $10 a month, you've got everything in your package for your registered agent operation. Pro ($179 / Annual)The most famous ZenBusiness plan is this. The Pro Strategy targets business owners who want a stable growth base, an EIN to open a commercial bank account, and to escape problems of inconvenience and compliance. You have everything in the start-up package for $30 a month, plus a shorter preparation cycle, an employer I d number (EIN), and a worry-free guarantee. You will get everything included with the Pro Package for $60 a month, as well as the best corporate training pace, a Xero accounting software licence, dedicated CPA service, a business bank account app, and a free Business Home Insurance (BOP) deal.

👉How to contact for help in ZenBusiness?

The customer service that ZenBusiness provides is efficient and fast. In the form of cell, e-mail, or webchat, they provide customer service. We made an effort to get customer service and found it useful, and the representative sounded like a professional. If you get lost in LLC growth or company forming somewhere, they can help you out. On working days, you can contact the delegate from 9 am to 7 pm ET. Overall, client service is both efficient and sensitive.

👉Is ZenBusiness legit?

Yes, ZenBusiness offers reliable services to start, launch and grow your business. They ease up the LLC creation process easier and also offer plenty of healthy add-on options.

👉How good is LegalZoom when compared to ZenBusiness?

LegalZoom offers reliable LLC creation services but they are expensive and less effective when compared to ZenBusiness.

👉Should I use LegalZoom for LLC or ZenBusiness?

For LLC you should go with ZenBusiness, as it offers reliable as well as affordable LLC and company formation services.

👉How do I start an LLC?

Creating LLC needs efforts and time, you can use platforms like ZenBusiness to create LLC on the go.

👉What best does ZenBusiness perform?

For those who want a wise budget needs first-class service and support, and if someone wants your LLC to start easily and without heavy premiums than it is the best. If they like continuous updates and future appointments alert it perform so well if you prefer an annual presentation and a presentation with a carefree pledge to benefit from, it has a great Recognition of investors believe in paying for it.that

👉Is it safe to use ZenBusiness?

ZenBusiness comes out as the highest ranked LLC service available because of their outstanding pricing and consumer reviews after evaluating and rating all the top LLC creation services. They offer much more functionality (all while costing $60 less) than common alternatives like Legal Zoom. For ZenBusiness, consumer reviews is a major bonus. They have more than 2,500 online reviews available, and out of 5 stars, they have an average rating of 4.8. With their short delivery times and general ease of use, their customers seem very impressed.

👉Do ZenBusiness provide any return/refund policy?

If you contact ZenBusiness before your company has been submitted for filing with the State, if certain requirements are met, ZenBusiness will refund the charge, including a $50 withdrawal charge.

👉What does ZenBusiness coupon do?

Zen Company coupon codes are the perfect way to save. To help you save more money, Wativ.com offers existing and functioning www.zenbusiness.com coupon codes and discount coupons. To use Zen Company coupons on the merchant checkout list, simply press the Display CODE button on the offers below. If one is not approved or you can also use pre-activated Zen Business deals without a code through the REDEEM OFFER tab, try other Zen Business promo codes.

👉How to apply for ZenBusiness coupon?

ZenBusiness, on average, gives a 26 percent discount. 30 percent off from Up to 30 percent off with Clearance Sale + Free Delivery is the best discount available today. Click the tab, copy the code, and your clipboard will be copied. Just follow the connexion if no code is required, and continue shopping at ZenBusiness. Add to your shopping cart the things you'd like to get. Paste your ZenBusiness promo code into the package called 'Promo Code' or 'Coupon Code' or 'Discount Code' at checkout. Your savings would immediately be used.

ZenBusiness Review Conclusion:

From the above review, you got to know that ZenBusiness is reasonably priced and professional which really makes things easy for you to form an LLC. In my opinion, I really think that if you are starting a business, you should consider getting started with ZenBusiness right away.

Let me know in the comments section below, what you liked the most about ZenBusiness.

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